Million Father March held at Palm Pointe

Palm Pointe Educational Research School @ Tradition held their very own Million Father March on October 7, 2014 to recognize all male role models. The event consisted of these men signing a pledge, being pinned by our staff and participating in a march, with their children, around the perimeter of Palm Pointe. Mr. Houston Tate, along with his father Bishop Tate and father-in-law, Henry Miller, were our guests of honor as well as our very own Palm Pointe male faculty and staff who shared the Million Father March: Men Bring You Child to School Day Proclamation. Our band honored these male-role models by playing a special tune and our faculty and staff surrounded the perimeter of our school holding signs and cheering as the parade marched on. Pictured is the march around the school with the male role models, administration, staff and students.