Mariposa Elementary’s Student Council

Mariposa Elementary Student Council, led by Mrs. Alice Gale-Wharton, passed on the usual bi-monthly meeting to kick-off the season with a luncheon and craft project.  Dipping pinecones into peanut butter and birdseed, everyone enjoyed creating an environmentally safe gift to keep or give and share with our feathered Florida wildlife.

Student Council members are: Austin Gillis, Analisa Bermudez, Laikyn Leclerc, Justin Horton, Brianna Estrada, Monte Wells, Amorie Owens, Mateo Villegas, Taylor Fairchild, Victoria Rivero-Camey, Matthew Roth, Arbenz Jocelyn, Rayne Ellison Reyes, Josue Ajucum, Jeovaughn Henry, Christina Frederick, Tahlia Sugrim, Evan Lamb, Anthony Resendiz, Emily Fote, Erin Lyons, Chris Ali, Krystal Santiago, Auston Marsh, Jabari Monds