March is Music in Our Schools Month

March is designated as Music in Our Schools Month. At the school board meeting on March 10th, Dr. Kevin Perry recognized the following students for their achievements:

Austin Routten, LPA, Music Performance at Carnegie Hall, and All State Jazz Band

Angelica Flores, LPA, All State Middle School Treble Choir

Tiffani Kinnaman, LPA, All State Middle School Treble Choir

Rebecca Napier, LPA, All State Middle School Treble Choir

Bianca Palermo, LPA, All State MIddle School Treble Choir

Lillian Boettcher, LPA, 7th/8th Grade All State Orchestra

Karissa Brunelle, SLWCH, All State HIgh School Women’s Chorus

Jared Willis, SPM, FBA Small Schools Honor Band

Aimee Pezzino, SOM, 7th/8th Grade All State Honor Band

Diego Teran, WGK-8, MIddle School Honors Band

Pictured in the front row are, Bianca Palermo, Rebecca Napier, Tiffani Kinnaman, and in the back row are, Dr. Donna Mills, Austin Routten, Diego Teran, Aimee Pezzino, Jared Willis, Lillian Boettcher, Dr. Kevin Perry, Angelica Flores, and Genelle Yost.