Let’s Get Down to the Nuts and Bolts of St. Lucie Public Schools District Office Construction…

Myth: Money is diverted from students and teachers to pay for the costs of the new District Office.

Truth: Not one penny of the cost of the new District Office is coming out of money available for students, teacher/employee salaries, classroom supplies, resources, or programs.

Money for the new District Office comes from the sale of the old District Office at the Orange Blossom Business Center, insurance reimbursements, and a portion of sales tax receipts that can only be used for projects like the new District Office.


Myth: Other construction projects in the District’s five-year plan are bumped or delayed in order to pay for the new District Office.

Truth: Not one project has been bumped or is delayed because of the construction of the new District Office. To date, projects completed or underway include, but are not limited to, security enhancements; heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) replacement; gym floor maintenance; exterior waterproofing and painting; renovations; and roofing projects.