Learning via Minecraft at SLWK-8 School

St. Lucie West K-8’s Middle School Math teacher, Mr. Eric Moran, created an activity using Minecraft Education Edition which allowed his 8th-grade Algebra students to practice solving systems of equations. The activity was set up as a scavenger hunt of sorts. In solving the first problem, the solution is a location in their Minecraft world. The students then travel to that location and dig down. Doing so reveals a small room that has the next problem, whose solution is the next location, and so on. The locations were spread out over a fair distance. To submit their work, each student wrote their coordinates on a sign in-game and took a picture using the camera. The pictures were then stored in an in-game portfolio, which was then exported as a PDF. Students then sent their Portfolio PDF file over through Teams.

Jawsome job Sharks!

Author: Lorie Monroe

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