Kindness ROCKS at FPC!

FPC Students Positively Rock!

The 7th period students of Ms. Dowdy and Mrs. Santoro joined the week of April 12-16 for a uniquely positive community building project! Kindness Rocks was an afternoon alternative for students that had testing in the morning.  Students were encouraged to paint their kindness designs then hide the colorful rocks around campus for others to find. On Thursday, April 15th both classes (approx. 60 students) placed over 100 rocks all over campus.

When asked, students found big meaning in small packages!

“[I painted  rocks] to make someone’s day by making them feel happy when reading the positive quotes on the rocks.” – Denise Negrete

Shirley Gomez tells us that she wanted “to spread kindness and bring joy to people. I think people really need this in their lives right now because with the pandemic and testing happening right now, people are stressed and it will bring joy to them. You never know if this could make a big impact on someone’s life who may need it.” 

“People need these [rocks] in their lives because throughout the pandemic many people have felt down and unhappy. Some people may have personal issues and I think seeing a positive message saying they can get through, will really let them think and smile.” – Astrid Ayala

“People need this in their lives so they know to never give up and to know they are appreciated.” – Ashley Sanchez

Big and small rocks alike, carry more than their weight in value and positive impact.

“I really hope that students will continue to re-hide the rocks and soon other schools will catch on and do it on their campus too.” – Genevieve Zerga

 “What I gained from this experience is that something really simple could really make someone happy.  Also, writing the messages made ME happy. I really hope people find them and do as they are told on the back of the rocks [post them on social media] and just keep it going and make it successful. Also, I hope the people who are going through tough times will smile.” – Tracy Gelin

 “I learned that simple words can have an impact on someone’s life.” – Jonathan Soza

 “Any message of kindness can put a person in a positive mood. I hope in the long run everyone gets to see the messages and will continue it.” – Melissa Francois

 “Stick together in the difficult times.” – Sebastian Montoya

 “I felt good about myself because I was [likely going to make] someone feel better about themselves.” – James Cyr-Church

 Astrid Ayala sums up the entire endeavor: “I hope that people keep this project going. It was a fun experience; it shows that people can be creative, artistic, and nice all at once.”

Thanks to Florida Falls for the donated rocks.