Historic Gains in Graduation Rates for St. Lucie Public Schools

ST. LUCIE COUNTY – It is a historic day for St. Lucie Public Schools (SLPS) as graduation rates hit an all-time high at 86.8 percent representing an 11.35 percent gain from the previous year, surpassing state averages and laying claim to the fourth largest gain in the state.


According to a report released today by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE), all SLPS comprehensive high schools made remarkable gains (Central, Westwood, Port St. Lucie, Centennial, and Treasure Coast), and three high schools boast graduation rates that exceed 90 percent. “As a diverse community, we celebrate that the graduation rates for demographic groups showed significant growth and far exceeded the state averages.  It is especially gratifying that we experienced a 14.1 percent increase for our black students, a 9.8 percent increase for our Hispanic students, and a 10.5 percent increase for our white students,” said Superintendent E. Wayne Gent.


Gent stated that one of the District’s focus areas is student achievement.  “I applaud our teachers and administrators for their persistent efforts to support students’ learning.  We closely monitor indicators of momentum including attendance, behavior, math, and reading gains.  This attention to the individualized needs of students has positively impacted our graduation rates, and we will continue to work together to support a goal to surpass a District-wide graduation rate of 90 percent.”


Graduation Rate Details


School 2014-2015

Grad Rate


Grad Rate

Fort Pierce Central High School 80.1% 92.4 % +12.3%
Fort Pierce Westwood High School 63.8% 83.1% +19.3%
Lincoln Park Academy 98.6% 96.7 % -1.9%
Port St. Lucie High School 70.7% 81.4 +10.7%
St. Lucie West Centennial High School 82.3% 89.2 +6.9%
Treasure Coast High School 82.7% 91.8 +9.1%
DISTRICT 75.5% 86.8 % +11.3%


School White Black Hispanic
  2014-2015 2015-2016 2014-2015 2015-2016 2014-2015 2015-2016
Fort Pierce Central High School 80.3 91.8 78.2 91.2 81.0 93.6
Fort Pierce Westwood High School 74.7 91.1 56.7 79.4 61.0 80.5
Lincoln Park Academy 97.3 97.4 100.0 95.1 100.0 95.6
Port St. Lucie High School 73.3 85.3 63.9 76.9 68.6 77.8
St. Lucie West Centennial High School 83.8 90.1  79.5 86.1 82.8 90.3
Treasure Coast High School 84.5 94.9 80.2 86.0 82.8 92.2
District 78.5 89.0 68.3 82.4 77.9 87.7


About St. Lucie Public Schools

The mission of St. Lucie Public Schools is to ensure all students graduate from safe and caring schools equipped with the knowledge, skills and desire to succeed. For more information visit, www.stlucieschools.org  or contact Kerry Padrick at kerry.padrick@stlucieschools.org.