Highwaymen Week at Fort Pierce Westwood Academy

FPWA celebrates Highwaymen Week! One group of black painters completely revolutionized how art was bought and sold up and down the Treasure Coast; they are The Highwaymen. Throughout the week, students listened to several different speakers influenced by the Highwaymen. Our speakers included the director of the AE Backus Museum in Fort Pierce, Marshall Adams along with Kenny Holmes, a Gifford native, former NFL player, and Highwaymen collector. We appreciate them coming to talk about the Highwaymen painters and how they influenced his life.

We also had Ms. Anita Prentice and Mrs. Doretha Hair Truesdell. They are both working artists in the Fort Pierce Community who carry on the Highwaymen tradition today! Highwaymen week concluded with Ms. Hoots’ Drawing 2 class attending the annual Highwaymen show “Dashboard Dreams” at the AE Backus Museum.


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