Helping Students and Families

St. Lucie Public Schools Student Services, Exceptional Student Education, and FDLRS Division recently completed a two-month campaign to support Grace Packs.  With a focus of bringing in food items each Friday during the months of November and December, the Division managed to fill numerous Grace Packs boxes with food item donations that help support families in need each week.

This team’s benevolent spirit supports other causes as well. Earlier in the year, the Division raised over $325 for Bowl for Kids’ Sake, raised $300 for Northport’s Girls on the Run campaign, and in January will help raise funds for an ESE class at Allapattah Flats to participate in a field trip to Disney World.

A special thank you is extended to all team members for the care and concern you show our students and their families each and every day.

Author: Lydia Martin

Staff - (Changed 6/1/2022 11:25:02 AM)