Gators Welcome Photographer and Journalist to Speakers Bureau

In December, Allapattah Flats welcomed motivational speaker and Sports Photographer, Ned Schuster of the Speakers Bureau.  Mr. Schuster was introduced by Dr. Donna Mills who began the Speakers Bureau four years ago.  Mr. Schuster has a passion for reaching students by sharing his real life story and impressing upon them that in life you can overcome many of the obstacles that may come your way.


Mr. Schuster shared some real life struggles concerning some of his own educational challenges as a child and his determination alongside his family’s determination to work through those problems.  Mr. Schuster’s determination blazed the trail for his educational accomplishments that resulted in him receiving his college degrees.  Mr. Schuster is the Publisher and Chief Photographer of the Treasure Coast Sports Journal.  Ned’s love for photography has been referenced with this question, “Is it possible to be born with a camera in your hand?”


As the students sat and listened attentively to Mr. Schuster, they also had the opportunity to view many of his professional photos and slides that captured many authentic moments in the lives of students in sports as well as advocates of education.  Mr. Schuster spoke to the students in such a way as to encourage them to capture moments in their lives that exhibit their determination for success.  Even when they think that there are obstacles that they can’t overcome…be even more determined to succeed and be your own best advocate.


Mr. Schuster acknowledged that every moment captured in sports does not always end in a victory but it is always a moment worth capturing!  He had Dr. Kenny Mills to stand and show the students his state championship ring for football from 1972 and how that didn’t lead to a football career for him but getting his education lead to a career in life…something we all need.


Mr. Schuster captured the students’ attention once again when he shared a heartfelt story about his wife’s accident and his son’s life afterwards and how having a good education will allow you to be a true advocate for yourself and for those whom you love and simply throughout your life.