Four local schools benefiting from Young Adult Choices book program

Manatee Academy K8 School media specialist and St. Lucie County Reading Council president Debbie Remington LOVES books, especially when students read books. This affection prompted Ms. Remington to volunteer to serve as the Florida Director of the Young Adult Choices, a division of the International Reading Association which will enable her to bring to St. Lucie County Schools over 5,000 recently released books for grades 7-12 over the next three years! That’s about $90,000.00 worth of books that will be going on library shelves in four different schools: Northport K-8, Dan McCarty School, Treasure Coast High School and Manatee Academy. “All summer the doorbell would ring and my husband and I would shout in unison “books are here”, Remington said. “It was like Christmas all summer! Remington said the hardest decision was which school should get which books.  The first 400 books came this year, next year the bulk of the books will be delivered (about 3,000) and the remaining books the year after that. In the program, students in grades 7-12 read the books from numerous publishers and then rate them on a ballot in each book that doubles as a bookmark. All of the ballots in all four schools are tallied and sent to the reading associatioin, who collects ballots from across the country, the results determining the top 30 books for the year. Remington calls the program unique because teens are selecting the best books, not publishers, teachers or even librarians.


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