Florida Engineering Society Teacher of the Year

Lincoln Park Academy’s “Project Lead The Way” teacher, Mark Hueter, was named the “Florida Engineering Society’s 2013 K-12 Teacher of the Year” at their annual event on August 2, 2013. Treasure Coast Chapter President Adam Schildmeier nominated Mr. Hueter for creatively  incorporating and promoting engineering and technology concepts and activities into his classroom, truly engaging students and promoting critical thinking.

Mark is highly respected by his peers and professional colleagues for facilitating his students’ progression through concepts including static and dynamic analysis, stress/strain diagrams and testing, and hydraulic calculations often not taught until the college level. This rigorous curriculum and top-notch instructor rank high among St. Lucie County’s quality program offerings.

Mr. Hueter was honored at the School Board Meeting on September 24, 2013. Pictured are Candace Stone, Debbie Hawley, Pamela Dampier, Mark Hueter, Genelle Yost, Kathie Schmidt, David Foxx, and Adam Schildmeier.