Cobra Poets Strike Hard

ST. LUCIE COUNTY – Fort Pierce Central High School’s (FPCHS) student poets took to the stage with words spoken from the heart intended to excite and engage at this year’s Louder than a Bomb (LTAB) Poetry Slam. Kayla Daley, a senior, was one of 12 South Florida high school students selected from more than 300 participants in the individual final competition held at Nova Southeastern University on April 8.  As a team, the FPCHS Cobras placed second in the semi-final round of the competition which draws famous name backers such as Jason Taylor of the Jason Taylor Foundation and Omari Hardwick of Bluapple Poetry. LTAB is designed to help students express themselves, and for some, the experience is life altering.


“This artistic outlet gives students an opportunity to share their innermost thoughts, concerns, and frustrations in an artistic manner that is heard and appreciated by others. When competing, our students give everything they have when on stage,” said Simone McPhee, FPCHS competition coach.  She explained that students work together throughout the year honing their poetic verse and practicing their delivery. “They are passionate about what they do and work hard to coach and support one another in preparation for this competition.” McPhee, together with co-coaches Kelly Addams and Peter Miserocchi of FPCHS, are in their third year helping to prepare students for this annual event.


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Fort Pierce Central Cobras celebrate a second place finish in the semi-final round of competition.

L to R: Maika Eugene, Kayla Daley, Sienna Medina, Jarrett Sauer





Author: Lydia Martin

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