Central’s Makaria Sandlin is Ready for National Debate Competition!

Fort Pierce Central’s very own Makaria Sandlin has qualified to compete at the NSDA (National Speech and Debate Association) National Tournament in Phoenix, Arizona, June 11-16, 2023. As a junior, this is Makaria’s first year with the speech and debate team! Not only will she be competing for a National Title, but she will also have the chance to earn scholarships!

The category she will compete in is Original Oratory: an orator crafts and memorizes a factual speech of 8-10 minutes and delivers it in a persuasive/motivational way so as to move the audience to make a choice or inspire them to act to initiate change. Topics are generally connected to current events and often can be slightly controversial. Makaria’s speech is called “Prices” and tackles the ongoing problem of discrimination and racism in America as she asks, “What is the price of kindness?” (article author- Mrs. L. Embrey)


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