Capturing the Moments that Make a School

FPC Cobra Chronicles

In the midst of a complicating and trying year, Fort Pierce Central students wanted to share the lesser heard stories in Cobra Nation and the community and a school newspaper was the answer. In a decade’s long gap of a Journalism class, last year FPC offered a 100% virtual class, taught by Mrs. McPhee. Comprised of 9th and 10th grade students, one of the 9th grade students came up with the name and the Cobra Chronicles was born. The Chronicles reached more than just virtual students. An in-person student, who was not in the class, offered to come up with the design and layout, even contributing story input for each edition. This year, one of Mrs. Blackmon’s Digital Arts students is developing a new electronic platform for the Chronicles.

Mrs. McPhee is an advocate of student voice. Cobra Chronicles gives students a voice and the opportunity to publish their work. Students are encouraged to explore topics of personal interest. With so much to say and fresh perspectives, students’ pride shows. Students are proud to share their work in our school’s publication.

Mrs. McPhee hopes that the Cobra Chronicles continues to challenge and encourage students to explore their thoughts, express themselves, get published, and grow as writers. In the future, Mrs. McPhee would like to see the Cobra Chronicles include links to student-created podcasts and video interviews. The best is yet to come not just for the Chronicles and FPC, but for all of us.