Opening days are active at Floresta Elementary

Floresta Elementary School teachers returned for the new school year on Monday, August 13, to a full schedule of Professional Development trainings and a variety of other opening week activities.  Pictured are teachers participating in an energizing teambuilding activity, from Kagan’s Silly Sports and Goofy Games publication. This is one of many research based Kagan activities teachers will put to use in the classroom this school year.

Floresta Elementary students celebrate FCAT writing success

Fourth grade students at Floresta Elementary recently celebrated their FCAT writing success with a dance. Students were served popcorn and popsicles and danced their feet off to music provided by Traxx Entertainment. Pictured, from left, are Daniela Camac, Alexis Weachter, and Ilse Moreno Gutierrez.

Floresta Elementary students create and use recipe books to cook up sweet treats

In order to teach the students how to write in a variety of informational forms related to real world situations, the fourth grade students at Floresta Elementary created “How-to” manuals and recipe books. The recipe books included student made recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. As a culminating project, several classes used the recipes to make different items including French toast, pizza, and vanilla Oreo parfaits! Pictured, from left, are Kendra Basiliere, Hailey Shad, Cindy Reynolds (pouring the milk), Valerie Chaparro, Hannah Amaral, and Katelyn Thompson.