St. Lucie Elementary appreciates business partner

The Spine & Sport Rehab Institute provided St. Lucie Elementary teachers and staff with a relaxing massage during Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week.  The institute was also named St. Lucie Elementary’s “Business Partner of the Year.”  Pictured, from left, are Principal Bernadette Floyd, Marketing Manager El Fuenmayor, Assistant Principal Nicole Ortega, and St. Lucie County School Board Vice Chairman Deborah Hawley.

St. Lucie Elementary recognizes business partner

St. Lucie Elementary business partner CenterState Bank provided a delicious lunch for school staff during Teacher/Staff Appreciation week.  Pictured receiving a “Certificate of Appreciation” from principal Bernadette Floyd, left, are Branch Manager Lori Wuchte, Mortgage Loan Officer Marni Parent, and Assistant Principal Nicole Ortega.

St. Lucie Elementary students recognize Earth Day

Students from Leigh Bretherick’s fifth grade class at St. Lucie Elementary School recognized Earth Day by making bird feeders using recycled milk cartons.  Displaying their creations, from left, are Maria Ramirez, Hakem Jean-Baptiste, Blanca Escobar, Cecilio Ramirez, and Salvador Leon.

St. Lucie Elementary celebrates Dr. Seuss Day

St. Lucie Elementary School celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday beginning with a breakfast of green eggs, cupcakes at lunch and many activities throughout the day.  Pictured, from left, are food service staff members Tara Stoddard, Jackie Wince, Vickie Pryor, Shirley Lamb, Regina Beasley and Liz Folks, with second grade student Frankie Nichols.

Fifth grade students at St. Lucie Elementary work on science experiment data

Students in Leigh Bretherick’s fifth grade class at St. Lucie Elementary have been working on precise measurement and accurate note taking while conducting science experiments.  Pictured, from left, Michael Swartz, Pedro Escobedo and Hakem Jean-Baptiste use a trundle wheel to measure the distance a javelin was thrown.

St. Lucie Elementary sponsors workshop and family dinner

St. Lucie Elementary sponsored an ELL Parent Council Workshop and family spaghetti dinner.  Parents and students participated in “make and take” activities in reading, writing, and math.  Fifth grade student Kaylee Cendejas, pictured at left, is working on a project as teachers Leigh Bretherick and Theresa Brown, and Kaylee’s sister Stacy, watch her progress.

St. Lucie Elementary holds spelling bee

St. Lucie Elementary recently held its school spelling bee.   Principal Bernadette Floyd, left, and Assistant Principal Nicole Ortega are pictured with the 2011-2012 Spelling Bee winners  Ruby Martinez, third place, Juan Fleites, first place, and Guadalupe Rubio, second place.

St. Lucie Elementary students concentrate on science lab assignment

Fifth grade students at St. Lucie Elementary have been working on many science lab projects this year.  Warren Wiley, Pedro Escobedo, and Salvador Leon in Leigh Bretherick’s class are shown working on an assignment using tools that represent different bird beaks and the types of food they would be able to eat.

St. Lucie Elementary students enjoy PBS reading camp-in

Students in Andrea Porte’s third grade class at St. Lucie Elementary had a good time reading their favorite books in their pajamas at the Positive Behavior Support Reading Camp-In.  Enjoying their books, from left, are Lizbet Venegas, Ryan Maldonado, Kendrick Bailey, Henry Jones, and Isabel Maldonado.