Westwood High School cadets raise funds by serving diners

The cadets of Fort Pierce Westwood High School Panther Battalion recently held a highly successful fundraiser at a local restaurant. The cadets served customers their beverages, re-stocked the serving plates, cleaned tables and helped in any way they could. The cadets enjoyed the event, and earned compliments for their behavior, attitude and most of all their smiles. Pictured are several cadets during the event.

Westwood High cadets excel at competition

The Fort Pierce Westwood High School JROTC cadets recently participated in the Treasure Coast Raiders competition hosted by Port St Lucie High School. The Panther Battalion participated in a one-mile run, push-ups, sit-ups, litter carry, rope bridge and obstacle course, and placed third overall on the rope bridge. One cadet remarked it was the most fun he had ever had, and many were surprised at how well they performed. Pictured is the Panther Battalion team.

Ft Pierce Westwood JROTC Cadets take interest in their community

Members of the Fort Pierce Westwood High School Panther Battalion took a day from work, school and friends to show their interest and commitment in their community by cleaning up Pepper Park. The cadets cleaned up Pepper Park in an effort to clean up their community. Afterwards, the cadets had fun playing sports, getting to know each other and having a barbeque. Pictured are cadets from the Ft Pierce Westwood Panther Battalion.

Westwood High School ROTC cadets visit college campus

Fort Pierce Westwood High School JROTC cadets recently visited Palm Beach Atlantic University for annual Leadership Day. The Cadets were amazed by the campus life, the buildings where classes are held, and the attractive and convenient location of the school. They were afforded the opportunity to talk to some of the professors and the Professor of Military Science (ROTC) and ask questions relevant to their future in college, work place or military.  The group was also very impressed with the school’s cafeteria, which reportedly rivals top shelf restaurants.  

Westwood Panther battalion places third in competition

Ft Pierce Westwood Panther Battalion places third in the physical training (PT) test during in the recent Area III Raiders Competition at Southfork High School. It was a grueling comeptiton consisting of an academic exam, a first aid exam, a physical training test (measuring endurance and physical fitness), a three mile run, and a 1 1/2 run with a litter weighing 80 pounds.  The cadets were up for the challenge, they trained hard daily and gave their all, while having an amazing time.