Bayshore Elementary students investigate during CSI Night

Recently Bayshore Elementary had a prankster take the school mascot, Jazzy Jaguar, from the tv studio. During the next week students gathered evidence and investigated to determine who was the guilty suspect. During CSI Night, students participated in experiments about fingerprint analysis, liquid analysis and code identification. Pictured, from left, are first grader Andrew Perkins, second grader Bryanna Camareno and fourth graders Aliya Camareno and Melony Gonshor analyzing liquids and recording data in their data analysis notebooks.

Bayshore Elementary students show their love of reading

Over 200 students at Bayshore Elementary School participated in the Sunshine State Young Readers Award Program this year, and students who read all 15 of the selected books were presented with trophies during the WBAY morning news show.  Congratulations to, from left, Christopher Bonilla, Brianna Creary, Marcos DosSantos, Joshua Alexander and Lanie Polanco.

Bayshore Elementary kindergartners perform for PTO

Bayshore Elementary School’s kindergarten students recently performed during PTO Night.  Students shared their love of literacy with families through songs, stories and skits.  Pictured, from left, are Gemmavady Thay-Sann from Jeanne Comperchio’s class, Solymar Sanchez from Jennifer Archer’s class and Miguel Vela from Jeanne Comperchio’s class.

Bayshore Elementary students are becoming scientists

Bayshore Elementary students are demonstrating their skills as scientists by investigating scientific problems.  Students in Nancy Fallon’s third grade class were investigating if the number of coils on an electromagnet affected its strength.  Pictured, from left, are Kyla Higgins, Michael Bresch, and Sam Vicente.

Reading buddies create learning partnerships

Bayshore Elementary School fourth graders spend time with their reading buddies to improve reading fluency.  Every Friday the students from Shannon McCoy’s fourth grade class read with Jeanne Comperchio’s kindergartners.  Pictured is Grayson Waugh, left, reading with his reading buddy Jackson Young .

Bayshore Elementary students learn about object capacity

Students in Carol Galloway’s second grade class at Bayshore Elementary have been learning about capacity.  Students practiced measuring the volume of objects in cups, pints, quarts and gallons.  Pictured are Aiden Partridge, left, and Xavier Melendez who were engaged in the hands-on activity.  

Bayshore Elementary School students create poems

Students in third through fifth grade at Bayshore Elementary were given the opportunity to write poems as part of the Young Writers of America contest.  Students wrote poems about their wish for the world or what their family means to them.  Pictured are Shandy Ernest, left, and Jadyn Smith from Janet Baraniak’s third grade class who wote poems for the contest.

Bayshore Elementary students and staff support worthy community cause

Bayshore Elementary is very excited to support the community by participating in the March for Babies event this year at the Port St Lucie campus of Florida Atlantic University.  The money raised will support March of Dimes research and programs that help mothers have full-term pregnancies so babies can have healthy lives.  Bayshore Elementary staff members and students recently held a car wash and raised over $230 for this important cause.  Pictured is kindergarten student Zachary Comperchio doing his part to help!

Bayshore Elementary students learn to identify story elements

Bayshore Elementary’s first grade students in Amber Godown’s Rti group have been demonstrating their knowledge of story elements.  Students picked their favorite books and created a quilt identifying the characters, setting, problem and solution.  Pictured is first grader Olivia Moore-Nazario with one of her favorite books, The Steadfast Tin-Soldier.

Bayshore Elementary second grade students learn about energy

Bayshore Elementary School second grade students have been learning about energy.  Students researched heat, sound, light and electrical energy.  Afterwards they created three dimensional models to exhibit their findings.  Pictured are Renee Immordino’s second grade students, from left, Jenassa Bynoe, Cameron Jackson, and Nico Mistretta.

Bayshore Elementary students learn the importance of voting

Bayshore Elementary School is excited to announce that students in third through fifth grade had the opportunity to learn the civic importance of voting while participating in a mock election.  St. Lucie County’s Supervisor of Elections office provided voting booths, ballots and machine tabulators for students to use.  In conjunction with the Sunshine State Young Readers Awards program, students went to the polls to vote for their favorite Sunshine Book.  Students were excited for the opportunity to participate in the voting process and can’t wait until they can register to vote!   Pictured are fourth grade students Hannah Salik (left) and Andres … Read More

Bayshore Elementary Community Night a huge success

Bayshore Elementary School held its first Community Resource Night.  The mission of Community Resource Night was to provide families with access to the many services and resources that St. Lucie County has to offer.  Pictured is Mindi Fetterman from the Roundtable of St. Lucie County talking to students and families about Kids at Hope.

Bayshore Elementary School county fair display wins third place

Bayshore Elementary School’s display in the St. Lucie County Fair earned third place in the fair’s elementary division.  Bayshore Elementary students used primary sources to assist them in recreating pictures of St. Lucie County’s past and present.  Students also used their creativity to demonstrate inventions of the future.

Bayshore Elementary students visit Oxbow Eco-Center

Third grade students at Bayshore Elementary recently visited St. Lucie County’s Oxbow Eco-Center.  Students spent the day hiking the trails and making observations about native plants and animals.  Pictured is Kyla Higgins from Nancy Fallon’s third grade class discussing the data she collected.

Bayshore Elementary Odyssey team places second at competition

Odyssey of the Mind teams from Bayshore Elementary School recently competed in regional competitions.  Odyssey of the Mind is an international education program that provides creative problem solving opportunities for students. The Problem 4 Team, led by fifth grade teacher Heather McWilliams and volunteer Gerry Waugh, earned second place.  Pictured, from left, are Gerry Waugh, Kara Godown, Camber Adams, Chris Bonilla, Tommy Kormov, Jacob Shane, Kyle Ingleton and Heather McWilliams.

Bayshore Elementary second grade students honor presidents

Bayshore Elementary School’s second graders presented a PTO performance honoring current and past United States presidents. Students researched about the presidents and shared what they learned through writings, songs and skits.  Pictured is Aidyn Davenport (center) portraying President George Washington, along with Ashleigh Maypole (left) and Katelynn Penny-Hall (right), all from Kay De Aguiar’s class.

Bayshore Elementary families attend FCAT night

Bayshore Elementary families had a wonderful night of learning during the FCAT Information Night.  The families started the night with a delicious dinner of baked ziti, salad and garlic bread cooked by business partner Big Apple Pizza.  Families then learned ways to help their children be successful on the FCAT.  Pictured are Michael Giachetti, center, enjoying a garlic knot with his dad Thomas Giachetti, left, and sister Melanie.

Bayshore Elementary wins national contest

Bayshore Elementary School was recently recognized by the National Kids at Hope Organization.  The Bayshore Tech Team, under the direction of computer teacher Pamela Garrity, won the “We Connect” theme award in the Kids at Hope Day national contest.  Students created a powerpoint demonstrating Universal Truth #2 that states that “Children succeed when they have meaningful and sustainable relationships with caring adults.”  In addition to being recognized on the national website, they also received a $100 gift certificate to the Kids at Hope Store and a Kids at Hope banner honoring their achievement.  Pictured are technology teacher,Pamela Garrity with Tech Team members, from left … Read More