Bayshore Elementary Celebrates Students

Bayshore 5th graders, along with their families, celebrated their division fact fluency! Students earned pieces of an ice cream sundae as they worked their way up the “fact ladder” during weekly timed quizzes. Once they earned enough sundae pieces, they earned an invitation to the party! We loved celebrating their hard work. Congratulations to those that earned this delicious experience!    

Celebrating Division Fluency at FPMSA

Those 5th grade students who displayed fluency with their 0-12 division facts were celebrated with an ice cream sundae party! Their hard work and effort was something to be commended. Parents shared in the fun and earned some sweet treats as well. Great job to all of those who earned this privilege!       

5th Grade FPMSA Students Visited the SLC Aquarium

5th graders at Fort Pierce Magnet School of the Arts visited the SLC Aquarium on October 14th. Students were able to learn about the habitats of the Indian River Lagoon as well as the Atlantic Ocean. Students also had the opportunity to dissect oysters! Who knew learning could be so fun?