Education Foundation Scholarship Awards Ceremony at Fort Pierce Central High School

On Monday, May 1st the Education Foundation held a Reception followed by a Ceremony to recognize senior students graduating from St. Lucie County Public High Schools who demonstrated exemplary Academic performance and Leadership. The Education Foundation awarded 55 scholarships totaling 69,000 dollars in scholarships to students. Scholarships through the Education Foundation provide an opportunity to help students continue to succeed after graduation and assist them with pursuing post-secondary education goals. We are so proud of each of them and wish them success in their futures!

Teacher Appreciation Week: St. Lucie Education Foundation Celebrate Teachers at St. Lucie Elementary (SLE)

This year the St. Lucie Education Foundation provided teachers at St. Lucie Elementary with something special to celebrate and show them how much we appreciate them. 110 teachers who work tirelessly to educate our students each day, received reusable shopping bags and pens from the Education Foundation. The Education Foundation wants to thank the teachers for making a difference in the lives of their students and for having a positive impact on their learning process!