Oak Hammock fourth grader remembers Dr. King’s dream by taking action

Excerpts from essay by Lindsey Smith Dr. King was known for service, equality and education.  I am like him too!  Service was something that Dr. King did to help his friends and family. Even though I am a kid, I volunteer at the assisted living home where my mom works. Dr. King also fought so people would be treated equally.   I sure am not some big hero like Dr. King, but I try to make sure that I share, treat people the way I want to be treated and be friends with everyone.  I always try to be an amazing … Read More

Oak Hammock third graders enaged in cooperative groups

Third graders in Amber Martin’s class worked in cooperative groups researching nonfiction books to identify main idea and details about both the Pilgrims and Wampanoag tribe of Native Americans. The groups presented their bubble maps to one another in class.

Oak Hammock announces Night of the Stars representatives

Principal Carmen Peterson (center) congratulates Oak Hammock’s  Night of the Stars representatives: (left to right)  School Related employee Norm White, Distinguished Minority Teacher Vivian Sides, Outstanding First Year Teacher Olivia Ash and Teacher of the Year Dorothy Levin.

Oak Hammock fourth graders take the lead to read

Fourth grader Chris May takes the lead to read and demonstrates for his Kindergarten reading technology buddy Alexander Brisco how to logon so Alex can read books online. In preparation for Literacy Week in January, Literacy Coach Rachel Sullivan videotaped fourth graders in Dorothy Levin’s class “Taking the Lead  to Read” with Kindergarteners in Brandi Goulding’s class. The video has been submitted for consideration for the Public Service Announcement Contest being sponsored by Florida Department of Education’s Just Read, Florida!  In addition, Middle School Language Arts teacher Pamela Andes is coordinating a Readers Theater presentation by faculty at an evening of dinner … Read More