On Friday October 12, 2018, the Port St. Lucie High School Jaguars had their homecoming game against the Pompano Beach High School Golden Tornados. It was the 30th Anniversary of our school, and alumni came back to support and watch the game. Our homecoming game is the most popular football game of the season, so we had more cadets work this event.  Cadet Captain Hunter Payne oversaw visitor parking. For the home parking lot, the team of Cadet Captain David Alvarez, Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Justin Locklar, and Cadet 1st Sergeant Elyas Cardenas took charge. Lastly, manning the front gate was Cadet Captain Jonathan Nunez.

Presenting the colors was our color guard commanded by Cadet Captain Brianna Harris, accompanied by Cadet Sergeant Major Jonathan Geronimo as state flag bearer and Cadet Sergeant Lawrence Moleon- Mathews, and Cadet Sergeant Major Victoria Diaz as guards. The Cadets on the Saber Guard presenting the homecoming court were Cadet Captain Brianna Harris, accompanied by Cadet Command Sergeant Major Victoria Diaz, Cadet Sergeant First Class Lawrence Moleon- Mathews, Cadet First Sergeant Andre Hannon, Cadet Command Sergeant Major Jonathan Geronimo, and Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Justin Locklar.