Northport K-8 students enjoy unique PBS activity

 Northport K-8 students in Georgia Stone’s sixth grade class enjoy a unique PBS or Positive Behavior Support activity.  Students are using critical thinking skills, following directions and team building techniques to produce an authentic product.  After viewing Mrs. Stone modeling crocheting techniques, reading exact directions and getting the yarn and hooks together and understanding the…


Northport K8 seventh graders learn scientific method

Northport K-8 seventh grade students in De Green’s science classes are studying the electromagnetic spectrum. As microwave ovens are a form of radio waves within this spectrum, the student research teams developed individual tests that could be performed with popcorn kernals. Tests varied widely but examples are, “does kernal location in the microwave affact popping success?”…


Southport Middle School national junior honor society making a difference in the community

The National Junior Honor Society at Southport Middle School is helping the PTO assemble food baskets for the holidays for some Southport families.   Pictured, from left, are Sarah Welker, Kaylee Tolliver, Lucia Cabanela   This is another way that students are learning to care for the needs of the community and make a positive impact when ever possible.