A New Look

The Port St. Lucie High School (PSLHS) Jaguar Cafeteria is undergoing a facelift.  The school’s mascot is boosting school spirit around campus and what better place to make an impact than in the cafeteria!

A special Jaguar shout out to Child Nutrition Services for supporting this tremendous effort at PSLHS!




A Letter from the President

For the second year in a row, Marta Almiron’s kindergarten class at West Gate K8 has written to the President of the United States and he has replied.  The students are studying animals of the Arctic and wanted to bring the plight of endangered polar bears to the attention of  President Obama.  The students were…


A Hero Gets a Home

Port Saint Lucie High School cadets were honored to provide a saber guard when Army Specialist Gonzalez and his family were awarded with their new home. Army Specialist Gonzalez, a Port Saint Lucie veteran, lost his sight and suffered severe brain injuries in an IED explosion in 2004. The home was designed for his loss…