Fourth graders at Allapattah ‘quack’ the mystery of life cycles with live duck eggs

Bethany DiTullio’s fourth grade students at Allapattah Flats K8 are hatching duck eggs to further cultivate their knowledge for the third nine weeks’ science curriculum on animal reproduction and growth. The class has two different incubators with 33 duck eggs total. They are hatching both Call ducks and Pekin ducks. The students will be responsible…


F. K. Sweet Elementary students learn about the Underground Railroad

Third grade students in Barbara Whellams’ class at F.K. Sweet Elementary were highly entertained by Assistant Superintendent Dr. Kevin Perry’s reading of “Follow the Drinking Gourd”, an actual song used by the Underground Railroad to help slaves escape north to Canada. Although February is Black History Month, students learn about the contributions of African Americans throughout the…


Edible manipulatives are fun in math

First grade students Willdarion Adams, Anaiah Armah, Lorraine Zimmerman, Ariel Major, and Makia Cooper in Deanna Scotto’s class at F.K. Sweet Elementary enjoy working within their small math group. This  lesson consisted of using candy hearts to reinforce graphing skills. Edible treats are always a favorite manipulative for young learners. 



Northport K-8 celebrates Dr. Seuss

Northport K-8 kindergarten students in Nancy Yost, Megan Castiglia, Melody Nieves and student intern Amanda Bean’s classes celebrated the 108th birthday of Dr. Seuss by listening to a dramatic storytelling of the beloved Seuss  classic “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” by Media Specialist Lynne Gruszka.  Students were thrilled to hear the story of the Grinch’s heart…