Chicks in Kindergarten!

The kindergarten students in Ms. Ham’s class at Oak Hammock K-8 have four new fluffy additions to their classroom.  In September, we studied farm animals and what animals need to survive.  As a culminating activity, we received eggs from the 4-H farm in Fort Pierce to incubate.  We learned what was happening inside of the…


Checkmate can be heard weekday mornings at F. K. Sweet Elementary

F.K. Sweet Elementary is very fortunate to have former teacher Tom Filipkowski return to volunteer his time in continuing the ever popular Chess Club on Thursday mornings. The Chess Club has always been a favorite with intermediate students. Not only are the skills of the game and high level thinking covered, but the love of the game and sportsmanship is also stressed.

Check Out Summer Slide Resources

St. Lucie Public Schools Launches Summer Slide Program The summer months are upon us, and St. Lucie Public Schools is pleased to help your child continue to learn and grow throughout the summer. New this year, we are providing free academic resources to support students’ continued growth. The “Summer Slide” program includes engaging web-based resources…