F. K. Sweet kindergartners learn about Chinese New Year traditions

After learning about the celebrations that take place during Chinese New Year, Kristin Griffin’s kindergarten class at Frances K. Sweet Elementary enjoyed eating traditional Chinese foods. They feasted on dumplings that symbolize togetherness in the coming year and stir-fried rice that represents harmony and happiness.  Nicole Williams and Terry McQueen show their classmates how to eat withchopsticks.

F. K. Sweet kindergartners explore apples using their senses

Students in Melanie Francisco’s kndergarten class at F. K. Sweet Elementary School loved exploring apples using all five of their senses. Students observed and recorded how the apples looked, felt, smelled, sounded, and tasted. They graphed their favorite apple and wrapped up the unit by making applesauce. Pictured, Elliot Garder turns the crank as Santino Stevens and others…