Southport Middle has unique guest for Young Authors event

Southport Middle School’s Young Authors celebration included a video conference with author Douglas Quinn.  With the help of grandson, Southport Middle sixth grade student Quinn Coleson,  Quinn has written four adventure series novels featuring his grandson as the main character.  St. Lucie County’s ITS department supported  Southport’s media center to set up the video conference with Mr. Quinn,…


Southport Middle junior honor society members thankful for support

The Southport Middle School National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) recently inducted new members for the 2012-2013 school year.  Society members wanted to show their appreciation for all that guidance counselor Kristen Alvarez has done for them to coordinate NJHS events and community activities, and surprised her with a small party!  The students put together a team effort and presented…


Southport Middle presents Sleeping Beauty

 The Southport Middle School performing arts presented the Disney Play “Sleeping Beauty”.  There were performances for the students during the day and for Morningside Elementary School students.  Parents and community members were invited to come to the evening performances. It was a huge success with great theatrical performances done under the direction of Mary Osking.…


Southport Middle PTO sponsors a laser tag party

 Twenty students were invited to attend this game based on the highest amount of sales for the Fall Fundraiser. Pictured are students Samuel McKay, Jada Dawkins, Rayahah Goodso-Stone, Corban Hampe, James Spaulding, Joshua Thibodeau, Elizabeth Korpon, Ally Opolin, Kyle Dutton, Brandon Meadows, Krystal Dakson, Antonio Williams, Joshua Villalobos, Evan Delgado and Wiley Willis