Bayshore Celebrates Sunshine State Readers

Bayshore Elementary School is excited to celebrate our Sunshine State Readers!  The Sunshine State Readers Awards Program is a statewide reading motivation program which encourages students to read independently for personal satisfaction.  Students earned various prizes throughout the year, including an ice cream party and trophies for those who read all 15 books!  Congratulations!

Bayshore Donates to Toys for Tots

Bayshore Elementary School students and staff members participated in a toy drive for Toys for Tots sponsored by the United States Marine Corps.  Second Grade Teacher Nancy Fallon coordinated the event and was excited to have Bayshore Elementary as a designated drop-off location.  All donated toys will go to local families in need.  Thank you for to…


Bayshore Elementary 5th Graders Develop a Love for Science

Students in Mrs. Logue’s 5th grade science class at Bayshore Elementary performed their first science experiment. Students were shown five different liquids and asked what would happen if they were each poured into the same cup one at a time. Students completed three different types of investigations (poll, internet research, and an experiment) and learned…


Bayshore Elementary and N.E.H.S.

Bayshore Elementary students  in the National Elementary Honor Society (N.E.H.S) clean up their school. For part of the N.E.H.S. community service project, students in fourth and fifth grade at Bayshore Elementary developed and implemented a plan to clean up their school. Students worked after school hours to clean up the entire campus of tehir school.…


Bayshore Elementary celebrates literacy week

Bayshore Elementary students and staff participated in Celebrate Literacy Week. Students and staff members learned about vocabulary words and story book characters, then demonstrated their knowledge by participating in a literacy parade. First grade teachers provided students with visual representations of vocabulary words starting with the prefix mis. Pictured, from left, are Abby Mollet (mismatched), Stacy Baldino (misbehaved), Debbie Gonzalez (misunderstood), Marge Cuellar (misfortune), Vanessa…


Bayshore Elementary community night a great parent resource

Bayshore Elementary School held its third Annual Community Night recently, bringing together community groups, school staff, and families to learn about available resources. Families received valuable information from many community groups, such as Girl Scouts, Kids at Hope, Port St. Lucie Police Department, St. Lucie County Health Department, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Huntington Learning Center, and the…