Microsoft and St. Lucie Public Schools Improve Learning Outcomes Using Data

Education analytics is helping to improve learning outcomes for students in St. Lucie County, Florida. Through a comprehensive and data-driven approach using Microsoft Azure and Power BI, St. Lucie Public Schools has turned around its lower graduation rates and embraced policies that work, school by school, staff by staff, and student by student.  Click below…


Environmental Studies Expo

On Saturday, May 4, Village Green Environmental Studies School will host a community Environmental Studies Exposition.  From 10AM to noon, students will serve as tour guides for guests and will provide information about the school’s permaculture garden, raised bed gardens, astronomy night activities, solar energy kits, and weather stations.


2nd Annual Culinary Cook-Off

The 2nd Annual Student Culinary Cook-Off is a collaboration between Child Nutrition Services and the Career and Technical Education Culinary Arts Program. The purpose of the event is to provide student chefs with the opportunity to create and showcase enticing entrees that their peers would enjoy while following the USDA guidelines for the National School…