Reality Store at FGMS

Reality Store SM 2016 – Designed to help students get a better understanding of what it takes to survive in “real life.” The students start the day with a set income (correlated to students’ GPA’s) and family members. Students visit various stations throughout the activity. They take responsibility of being head of the household. They…


Recycling is Fun!

Treasure Coast High School Students Encourage Second Graders to Recycle As part of their community service project for Skills U.S.A., Arielly Dias, Arthur Waddell, and Olivia Wallman visited several of the elementary schools in St. Lucie County including Palm Pointe, Bayshore, and Manatee in an attempt to emphasize the positive effects that recycling has on…


Red Nose Day

Transportation employees (L to R) Michele Cocchia, Debbie Soesbe, and Kathy Owens donned their red noses for the annual Red Nose Day, May 25, 2017, supporting the efforts to aid childhood  poverty programs including support for immunizations, mental health, domestic violence, education, as well as fighting homelessness and disease in the poorest communities.