Installation Art Made it’s Mark this Month at Palm Pointe Educational Research School

The middle school art program, under the instruction of Mrs. Susan Wessel, studied the work of Mark Jenkins, who is an installation artist from Washington D.C.  Students created sculptural pieces resembling Jenkin’s work.  Artists used packaging tape to construct the life size sculptures.  They planned their sculpture’s location and purpose throughout the campus including the…


Innovative Grants Awarded

The Florida Education Association of Retired Educators awards two Innovative Grants to local educators each year.   Educators can apply for a $100.00 innovative grant for a project that will add to efficient and effective teaching to enhance student learning. This year’s grant recipients were Ms. Jacqueline Harris of Village Green Elementary and  Ms. Sandra…


Impromptu Book Club

These 4th graders at Manatee Academy immediately formed their own BOOK CLUB in the library and started choral reading of a terrifying, suspenseful novel they couldn’t wait to get their hands on! They didn’t even notice that they were being photographed.  Now THAT’S a great book! One reader described it as “CREEPTASTIC!”