Heroic Summer

St. Lucie Public Schools (SLPS) Superintendent E. Wayne Gent posed the question to students in Mrs. Myers’ 3rd grade Bayshore Elementary School classroom, “What did you do this summer?” What he heard from eight-year-old Christine Regina was a heroic recount of this young student’s quick thinking that helped save a young boy from drowning.  …


2016-2017 Coupons for Classrooms

SUPPORT YOUR CHILD’S SCHOOL AND CLASS Buy your Coupons for Classrooms book today and help raise money for your child’s school as well as for teacher grants and high school senior scholarships.  Each book costs $25.00 and just using it twice will save you the dollars you paid for the book. https://issuu.com/savearound/docs/st_lucie_county_fl?e=18348958/15118567 For ordering information,…


Volunteers Welcome

St. Lucie Soars is an early literacy effort launched by St. Lucie Public Schools that includes a community initiative in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters.  A component of the program involves the recruitment of volunteers/mentors to support reading efforts in kindergarten through grade three. Community members are asked to consider becoming volunteers for St.…


Teach Flu A Lesson

Healthy Schools, in cooperation with St. Lucie Public Schools and the Florida Department of Health in St. Lucie County, are excited to kick off the “Teach Flu A Lesson” program in 2016! Every year thousands of children miss valuable time in the classroom because of the dreaded flu. If that isn’t bad enough they carry…


Attendance Awareness Month

September is Attendance Awareness Month – an opportunity to bring attention to and support building a habit of good attendance. St. Lucie Public Schools (SLPS) Superintendent E. Wayne Gent emphasized the importance for all students to attend school regularly.  “Regular attendance is vital for our students’ success. Chronic absenteeism negatively impacts student achievement and graduation…


MSE Grandparents Celebrated

Morningside Elementary’s grandparents were invited to have lunch with their grandchildren to celebrate Grandparents Day.  Grandparents and family members filled the stage and front of the cafeteria throughout the last three days to celebrate the integral part that family has as part of the team that makes students well-rounded and successful.

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Speakers Bureau – FPW

On August 31st, Fort Pierce Westwood High School hosted St. Lucie Pubic Schools’ Teacher of Year Mr. Jeffrey Johnson as the guest speaker for the Speakers Bureau Series. Mr. Johnson spoke about the power of education and its importance. He recounted his experiences of growing up poor and shared that he lived in the projects. …