Mariposa Elementary Fifth Graders Study Native Americans

Students in Mrs. Saunders’ 5th grade present Native American Projects.  Fifth graders enjoyed presenting Native American projects. As part of their Reading and Social Studies standards, each student researched a tribe, wrote about the culture, then created a board or diorama reflecting the unique attributes they discovered.  Pictured: Zachary Cobb, Jonah McCrory, and Victoria Serrano Melendez.


Mariposa Elementary Compares and Contrasts in Kindergarten

The Kindergarten Team at Mariposa Elementary showed their amazing collaborative planning abilities as they put together an extremely engaging end-of-unit Gingerbread Day. After a week-long unit that involved comparing and contrasting different versions of the Gingerbread Man stories, the students illustrated their own gingerbread characters. The week ended with the students decorating gingerbread cookies and…