Geocaching Exercise at Southern Oaks

Through a collaborative effort by the Social Studies, ESE, and Robotics Departments, Southern Oaks Middle School students participated in their first geocaching exercise. Student pairs were given the latitude and longitude of a cache location. Combining their GPS technology with their previously learned map skills, they sought out the hidden clues about Hammurabi’s Code, one…


Sam Gaines Academy Honor Roll/Student Led Conference Event

On Wednesday November 4th, Samuel Gaines Academy hosted its first combination honor roll assembly/student led conference event. Students explained to parents and Treasure Hunters all of their accomplishments from the first nine weeks of school. Students also led conferences showing the items in their Colt Binders. Forest Grove Principal Terry Davis visited with several students…


Northport Promotes Positive Interactions Between Students, Parents, Community, Teachers, and Books! Thanks, Americorps!

Northport K-8 School is vigorously promoting community connections and positive support from our local business partners, veterans, Children’s Services Council, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, AmeriCorps, parents, grandparents and families. We realize that for a total and well-rounded education for all students, No Exceptions, we need support and open doors. This is Fall Book Fair time…


Impromptu Book Club

These 4th graders at Manatee Academy immediately formed their own BOOK CLUB in the library and started choral reading of a terrifying, suspenseful novel they couldn’t wait to get their hands on! They didn’t even notice that they were being photographed.  Now THAT’S a great book! One reader described it as “CREEPTASTIC!”


Pumpkin Fun at F. K. Sweet

Kindergarten students in Melanie Francisco’s class enjoyed a unit on pumpkins.  The students charted their schema and used their five senses to investigate the physical attributes of a pumpkin.  After some awesome predictions of  what they thought might be inside the pumpkin, they opened it up to find squishy, gooey, strings, and seeds.  Julian Wright loved…