Northport Hosts Inwater Research Group

Marine biologists, Mr. and Mrs. Mott from the Inwater Research Group, presented a stimulating enrichment program to the 6th-8th grade Northstar students about sea turtles. They showed specimens of turtle anatomy and related body structures to their function for survival in the ecosystem. Students considered characteristics of organisms as they identified the shared characteristics used…


Allapattah Flats’ 2nd Graders Measure Up!

Ms. Mellion’s 2nd graders used rulers they created to measure all around their classroom. Students worked in groups to create a list of classroom objects along with height (inches) in their Math Interactive Notebooks. They are currently working on measuring the length of objects by selecting and using appropriate tools such as rulers, yardsticks, meter sticks, and measuring tape.

Measure Class All 4 Measure Class ALL Measure Class ALL3 Measure Class ALL 2