Water Safety at Weatherbee

Thanks to the Partnership in Education between Weatherbee Elementary and the United States Coast Guard Station Fort Pierce, Weatherbee’s first, third, and fifth graders were able to learn about water safety. Seaman Fawn Moro delivered an informative presentation, teaching the students how to stay safe in, on, and around the water. After the presentation, the…


Northport Choir Ensemble Participated in 10th Anniversary Disney Salute

Northport K-8 middle grades Ensemble Choir participated recently in the 10th Anniversary of Disney Festival. Thirteen girls, accompanied by Northport K-8 staff and parents, represented Northport with aplomb. Students performed an arrangement of Michael Jackson’s hit “ABC” as well as “Hot Chocolate!” with show choir ability. The girls received an “Excellent” rating and were thrilled…


Freaky Friday at Morningside

Students at Morningside Elementary switched places with Mrs. Bell-Gray, Principal; Mrs. Roach, vice-principal; and various teachers to help raise money for the Odyssey of the Mind team to go to the World competition. The students enjoyed carrying the radios, visiting classrooms, and teaching other students.