Gaines Academy seventh graders learn “language” program

Enthusiastic seventh grade students in Beth Torresson’s reading class at Samuel Gaines Academy have diligently been working hard in the “Language” reading program. This 90 minute direct instruction is given on a daily basis. The “Language” program is a comprehensive literacy curriculum. The students work on a variety of concepts each day, including grammar and usage, listening…


Gaines Academy sixth grade students investigate aviation

Students in Christen McCray’s class at Gaines Academy K8 wrapped up a Nature of Science unit in which they investigated airplanes. Students flew airplanes made from various types of paper to see which would fly the farthest. Students applied the scientific method as they developed a hypothesis, collected, recorded, graphed, analyzed data, drew a conclusion and shared the results. Pictured…


Gaines Academy Student Council

Gaines Academy is proud to announce the results of the Student Council elections that were held in the Middle School on October 15th. Newly elected 2015-2016 officers will serve as:
Danisha Paul – President, Yasmine Gatlin – Vice President, Amethyst Scott – Secretary, Zakiyah Paul – Treasurer, and Abrianna Minjares – Public Relations officer. Congratulations ladies!