K-5 Art is Thriving at CAST

Ms. Swabon’s elementary visual art students at CAST have been submitting their art for various projects.  Some included here are: leaf rubbings, creating a “foundRead More

K-9s On Patrol

On Thursday, January 17, students in the Law Academy at SLW Centennial High School learned about K9 Patrols and how K9s are used in lawRead More

KidMania Event

St. Lucie Public Schools engaged the entire family in learning at the KidMania event on Sunday, October 20th. Families learned how to help their childRead More

Kids at Hope

Dr. Donna Mills, School Board Chair, and E. Wayne Gent, Superintendent, support St. Lucie students participating in a Kids at Hope field trip.  All childrenRead More

Kids At Hope

WCE students participated in the Kids at Hope Tunnel.  Students were cheered on by staff and community members as they were reminded that they areRead More

Kids at Hope Week

Kids at Hope Day/Week 2018 November 12-16, 2018 (2nd Wednesday in November) 2018 Theme: A CULTURE of HOPE The power behind Kids at Hope isRead More

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