Historic Achievement at Florida State Drill Meet

On Saturday, April 2nd, the Port St. Lucie High School Jaguar Battalion participated in the Florida State Drill Championship at George Jenkins High School in Lakeland, FL. Our Female and Male team competed against 90+ schools in Unarmed/Armed Squad, Unarmed/Armed Platoon, Color Guard, Solo/Dual, and Squad and Platoon Exhibition Drill for the chance to take home a trophy at the state level. PSLHS captured not one but four State trophies for the first time in the program’s history. PSLHS Female Drill Team captured our first-ever state title in the Armed Squad event. They also placed 3rd in Squad Exhibition and … Read More

Next up, States!!

On February 26th, the Area 3 Regional State Qualifying Drill Meet was hosted at Port Saint Lucie High School. PSLHS JROTC competed in Male and Female Let 1 squad, Unarmed/Armed squad, Unarmed/Armed Platoon, Color Guard, Solo/Dual Exhibition, Exhibition squad, and Exhibition platoon. The top 2 teams in each event qualify for the state Drill Meet. Port Saint Lucie High School ended up qualifying in Unarmed/Armed squad, Unarmed/Armed platoon, Exhibition squad, Exhibition platoon, and Female color guard. On April 2nd, the cadets will travel to Lakeland, Florida to compete in the Florida State Drill Championships.

Jaguar Drill Team Wins Again

On February 19th, 2022, the Jaguar Battalion traveled to Fort Pierce Central High School to participate in the Drill Competition. The females placed 1st in Unarmed Squad, 1st in Unarmed/Armed Platoon, 3rd in Armed Squad, 2nd in Color Guard, 2nd in Female Dual Exhibition, and 1st in Let 1 Squad. The ale team placed 1st in Unarmed Squad and Unarmed Platoon, 2nd in Armed Squad, and 2nd in Armed Platoon. Overall, the Jaguar Battalion performed well in this competition and took 1st place overall.

Assisting the Botanical Gardens

On February 12th and 13th, the Port St. Lucie JROTC Jaguar Battalion conducted a two-day volunteering event at the Botanical Gardens Annual Plant Sale on Westmoreland Blvd. The Plant Sale is an event that allows the Jaguar Battalion to assist and communicate with the customers who visited the Garden to purchase plants and other unique commodities. The cadets interacted with the customers and helped carry their items to their vehicles. Our cadets had a wonderful experience participating in the event.

PSLHS Jaguars Dominated Down South

 On Friday, February 12th, 2022, the Jaguar Battalion traveled to Seminole Ridge High School to compete against 10 schools for the 1st place title. Both male and female teams competed in Unarmed/Armed Squad, Unarmed/Armed Platoon, Color Guard, and Let 1 Squad. Port St. Lucie High School took 1st place in the Armed squad, Armed platoon, Color Guard, and 2nd place for the Unarmed platoon as well as 1st for Dual Exhibition for the females. The males also placed 1st in the Unarmed Platoon, 2nd in the Armed Squad and Color Guard, and 3rd in a Dual Exhibition. In the end, … Read More

A Night to Remember

On Saturday, January 29th, 2022, the Port Saint Lucie JROTC Jaguar Battalion hosted their 27th Annual Military Ball. This event took place at Santa Lucia River Club. There were over 135 Cadets that participated, which also included parents and faculty. Once entering the ballroom, cadets participated in a greeting line by the staff members of the battalion. The event started off with the History of Military Ball with the reasons why it is held as well as a moment of remembrance for our POW/MIA soldiers. Cadets also got the opportunity to experience a traditional Military Grog bowl, and the first-ever … Read More

Jaguars Conquered the Forest

On Friday, January 28, 2022, the Jaguar Battalion participated in the Drill competition at Forest Hill High School. Our Male and Female team competed in unarmed/armed squad and color guard. In the end, we placed 3rd in Male armed squad, 2nd in Male unarmed squad, 1st in Female armed squad, 1st in Female unarmed squad, and 3rd in Female color guard. Overall, PSL performed well and was able to bring home the 1st place trophy.

Jaguars Excel at Drill Competition

On Friday, January 21st, 2022, the Jaguar Battalion started their Drill season by traveling to Santaluces High School. Our female and male team competed in an unarmed/armed squad, color guard, and solo/duo exhibition drill. PSL ended up placing 1st in both male and female armed squad, 2nd for female color guard, 3rd for female unarmed squad, and 3rd for female dual exhibition. Overall, the Jaguar Battalion finished 1st and it was a great way to start our Drill season.

Adventure Van Visit

On January 20, 2022, the U.S. ARMY decided to travel to Port St. Lucie High School with their incredible Army Adventure van. The Jaguar battalion and several other elective classes had the chance to see and interact with technology inside of it. Thanks to the help offered by the U.S. ARMY, the operation was able to run smoothly and effectively. It was a fun, informational experience, and we hope to see it again.

Home of the Cranes

On December 13th, the Port St. Lucie High School JROTC Jaguar Battalion made a two-day visit to Southport Middle school. Our cadets there conducted gym class and did many activities such as tug of war, motivation checks, and rotations that involved exercising with the students at Southport. The cadets also informed them about our program and what involves JROTC. It was a good chance for our program to connect with some of our future high schoolers.

Port St. Lucie High School Angel Tree

Every year, the Port Saint Lucie JROTC program has the privilege to work with Guardians for New Futures and Communities Connected for Kids, to collect toys for kids during the holiday season. Port Saint Lucie High School staff and JROTC cadets sponsored many kids to make sure they have a memorable holiday season. We were able to collect over 100 gifts this year.