Congratulations to Project Citizen Teams!

Congratulations to Project Citizen Teams!

St. Lucie Public Schools congratulates teams from Lincoln Park Academy, Manatee Academy, and West Gate K8.  Each school’s Project Citizen entry advanced to the state primary competition, and teams were invited to participate in the state finals of Project Citizen.

Through the use of technology, students were able to virtually present to the judges in north Miami.

The following projects competed:

Lincoln Park Academy – Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Fresh Food

The students want to bring attention to the lack of fresh food stores in the Lincoln Park area of Fort Pierce and proposed ways to incentivize stores or food trucks to bring fresh foods to these “food deserts.”

Teacher: Alaina Moise

2nd Place – Oral Hearing


Manatee Academy – Drop the Weight

The students investigated the average weight of backpacks that the students carry on a daily basis and proposed alternatives such as lockers and electronic devices.

Teacher: Megan Shaver


Westgate K-8 – Let’s Give Attention to Suicide Prevention

The students felt that knowledge should be brought forth to both students and teachers about the warning signs of depression through a required training and recurring professional development program.

Teacher: Lauren Kappler

2nd Place – Portfolio

SLPS Continues Its Growth

SLPS Continues Its Growth

St. Lucie Public Schools 2017-2018 Graduation Rates Projections and Industry Certifications Point to More Growth

Growing by leaps and bounds is the best way to describe St. Lucie Public Schools’ (SLPS) graduation rate and industry certification ascent over the last few years. Projections for this year’s graduating class indicate the upward trend will continue. This holds true for industry certification trends as well. The number of students passing industry certification tests through SLPS Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs is projected to surpass 2,300.  That’s an increase of 140 percent over a two-year spread.

While the District currently has the fifth highest graduation rate in the state, this year’s projected rate increase of one to two percent, will result in an overall District graduation rate of 91 to 92 percent, helping to maintain a top spot for SLPS. Focusing on its six comprehensive high schools, the data indicates that all will increase or maintain their current graduation rate, and all will boast rates of more than 91 percent. In fact, projections for SLPS’s six comprehensive high schools will exceed 95%.  “Meeting Florida’s high bar for graduation is a challenge for our students.  Our success in this area reflects the work of all our K -12 teachers and staff.  Everyone has a hand in a child’s success,” said Deputy Superintendent Jon Prince.

What does this mean for graduates of SLPS?  “Our mission is to equip all students with the knowledge, skills, and desire to succeed so they are prepared for college and the world of work.  Graduating with a high school diploma is a critical first step for our students,” explained Superintendent E. Wayne Gent. He added that CTE programs offer students the opportunity to achieve industry-recognized certifications, work-based learning experiences, and articulated college credits that provide technical skills, rigorous academic foundations, and real-world experiences needed for post-secondary education and high-skill, high-wage, high-demand careers. Passing the industry certification tests means students have an immediate employability edge.

Gent pointed out that with the continued surge in graduation rates and industry certification passing rates, he is also pleased to see the continued growth among all demographic groups.  “We are committed to serve all students as we help them achieve their goals. I am very proud of the dedication our teachers and administrators have to support each child every day, said the Superintendent.”

About St. Lucie Public Schools

St. Lucie Public Schools (SLPS) ranks fifth in Florida and proudly serves as the highest-ranking District on the Treasure Coast with a graduation rate of 90.1 percent.  As a B rated District, there are no failing schools, and SLPS has the distinction of being recognized as one of St. Lucie County’s Best Places to Work.  The mission of SLPS is to ensure all students graduate from safe and caring schools equipped with the knowledge, skills and desire to succeed. For more information, visit



CNA Scholarship Recipients

CNA Scholarship Recipients

St. Lucie West Centennial High School hosted Senior Awards Night on May 17, 2018.  Midway Specialty Care Center awarded five scholarships to seniors having earned their Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) License. The CNA completer scholarship can be used for items needed for post-secondary employment in the healthcare field.  Students are being awarded this scholarship after meeting a specified criterion including pursuing a career in the health care industry. 

Students scholarship recipients: Jasmine Castro, Dahnae McDonald, Melissa Stone, Marissa Powell, and Trinity Salisbury

The Honor is Ours!

The Honor is Ours!

The St. Lucie County Reading Council was presented with the Honor Council Award on June 2nd, 2018 at the University of Central Florida’s Reading Center. Honor Council is earned by meeting a very specific criteria over the course of one year for “Exemplary service to the education community for efforts to advance literacy in your district and for commitment to the spirit of volunteerism.”
Board members: Ilyse Brainin (President), Nicole Eak (Vice President), Alison Thomas (Secretary) and Lori Foley (Treasurer) were on hand to receive this distinction; the first ever for St. Lucie County!
Thank you to all who helped make this honor possible! We are looking forward to another great year ahead.

If you are interested in more information regarding the St. Lucie Reading Council, or would like to join us, please contact:

CTE Celebrates Business Partners

CTE Celebrates Business Partners

Career and Technical educators from the district were provided the opportunity to partake in two ribbon cutting events hosted by the St. Lucie County Board of County Commissioners.  The celebrations included opening for the south county Drug Lab and the Heath Clinic on Lyngate Drive, Port St. Lucie.  This event was celebrated on May 22, 2018 alongside City and County Commissioners, Clerk of the Court, St. Lucie County Sheriff, and City of Port St. Lucie’s administrators.