Northport Eighth Graders Move On Up to High School!

Northport Eighth Graders Move On Up to High School!

What a wonderful evening at Northport! Our 8th graders are leaving the nest and moving on to high school. They have done the work, achieved success and are moving on to the next chapter of their lives. The evening began with the SLW Centennial JROTC unit posting the colors in a spectacular showcase.

Principal, Glenn Rustay and Assistant Principals Lisa Cash and Mehgan Drost welcomed hundreds of parents, grandparents and friends to the event. Fellow 8th grade student Emmalyne Lewis welcomed her fellow classmates to enjoy each moment and to look forward to the future and all the successes that will come. The keynote speaker was St. Lucie School Board Chairman Dr. Donna Mills. Dr. Mills is a favorite at Northport and can always be called on to encourage, share stories of success, motivate and prod every student to excel and find their passion. She gave a wonderful and thought-provoking talk about pulling yourself up, having the grit to achieve and get the job done. She is awesome!

Students received their diplomas from their team leaders and shook hands with Northport administration as well as Dr. Mills. It was a lovely celebration of achievement and pride for families, teachers and students. We are looking forward to a wonderful summer and will always be checking on our students as they move on to another exciting chapter in their lives. They are very well prepared!

St. Lucie Public Schools 2017-2018 Graduation Rates Projections and  Industry Certifications…

St. Lucie Public Schools 2017-2018 Graduation Rates Projections and Industry Certifications…

ST. LUCIE COUNTY, FL – Growing by leaps and bounds is the best way to describe St. Lucie Public Schools’ (SLPS) graduation rate and industry certification ascent over the last few years. Projections for this year’s graduating class indicate the upward trend will continue. This holds true for industry certification trends as well. The number of students passing industry certification tests through SLPS Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs is projected to surpass 2,300.  That’s an increase of 140 percent over a two-year spread.

While the District currently has the fifth highest graduation rate in the state, this year’s projected rate increase of one to two percent, will result in an overall District graduation rate of 91 to 92 percent, helping to maintain a top spot for SLPS. Focusing on its six comprehensive high schools, the data indicates that all will increase or maintain their current graduation rate, and all will boast rates of more than 91 percent. In fact, projections for SLPS’s six comprehensive high schools will exceed 95%.  “Meeting Florida’s high bar for graduation is a challenge for our students.  Our success in this area reflects the work of all our K -12 teachers and staff.  Everyone has a hand in a child’s success,” said Deputy Superintendent Jon Prince.

What does this mean for graduates of SLPS?  “Our mission is to equip all students with the knowledge, skills, and desire to succeed so they are prepared for college and the world of work.  Graduating with a high school diploma is a critical first step for our students,” explained Superintendent E. Wayne Gent. He added that CTE programs offer students the opportunity to achieve industry-recognized certifications, work-based learning experiences, and articulated college credits that provide technical skills, rigorous academic foundations, and real-world experiences needed for post-secondary education and high-skill, high-wage, high-demand careers. Passing the industry certification tests means students have an immediate employability edge.

Gent pointed out that with the continued surge in graduation rates and industry certification passing rates, he is also pleased to see the continued growth among all demographic groups.  “We are committed to serve all students as we help them achieve their goals. I am very proud of the dedication our teachers and administrators have to support each child every day, said the Superintendent.”

About St. Lucie Public Schools

St. Lucie Public Schools (SLPS) ranks fifth in Florida and proudly serves as the highest-ranking District on the Treasure Coast with a graduation rate of 90.1 percent.  As a B rated District, there are no failing schools, and SLPS has the distinction of being recognized as one of St. Lucie County’s Best Places to Work.  The mission of SLPS is to ensure all students graduate from safe and caring schools equipped with the knowledge, skills and desire to succeed. For more information, visit



Northport Students Make Huge Impact and Help Change Policy!

Northport Students Make Huge Impact and Help Change Policy!

This year has been a year of achievement and success at Northport. The accomplishments of our students have been stunning. On the final day of school, Edie Majewski, City of Port Saint Lucie Sidewalks Projects Manager, visited the school along with the news crew from channel 20. Channel 20 is the government channel for the city of Port Saint Lucie.

Mrs. Majewski brought great news to our students who worked on their seventh grade civics project this year with such gusto. Students researched, delved into the subject, spoke with SLPS Project Manager Marty Sanders, and checked incident reports on Curtis Street. Curtis Street runs parallel to Northport.

Students felt that Curtis needed sidewalks desperately for the safety of the students. Their hard work paid off! The city took a hard second look, applied for a TAP grant and was approved for Curtis Street sidewalks. Students were elated that they could bear witness and be a part of city government in action.

The impact of intensive student work can indeed change policy. The sidewalks on Curtis Street will be moved up and built between October 2021 and September 2022. Northport students will be able to safely hurry to school and stroll home on Curtis Street in the very near future. Elation does not cover the feelings of the Northport community!

Great job students, teachers, Thomas MacDonald and Elizabeth Montilla and parents. THRILLED!