The Aaron Project Grants Awarded

The Aaron Project Grants Awarded

Several members of the St. Lucie Public Schools community who submitted applications to the Aaron Project received grant funding to support classroom and school-wide projects.  The following awards were announced at the December 12th School Board Meeting.

Colleen Wilson – Village Green Elementary, Art and the Environment  

Brittany Buckley – Village Green Elementary Kindergarten Photographers, ‘Oh Snap!’ 

Belkis Madera – Oak Hammock K-8 School, Uncovering Stories – A Jewish Family Album

Renee Hawkins and Brittany Eatman – Fairlawn Elementary, Challenge Living Wax Museum


STAR Recognitions

STAR Recognitions

St. Lucie Public Schools honored two individuals from the Transportation team at the December School Board Meeting.

Venetia Brice and Giovanni Calzolano were nominated for STAR Award recognition based on their commitment to keeping children safe and going above and beyond to provide stellar service.


Winter Break Dates

Winter Break Dates

This is a friendly reminder that Friday, December 22nd is an early release day for students.

Winter Break begins on Monday, December 25th.

12 Month employees return on January 2nd; all other faculty and staff return on Friday, January 5th.

Students return on Monday, January 8th.

Please visit the SLPS homepage at for a calendar with the complete listing of early release dates and holidays.

Thank you.

Dr. Jonathan Prince Addresses Students at Allapattah Flats K8

Dr. Jonathan Prince Addresses Students at Allapattah Flats K8

On Friday, November 17, 2017, Allapattah Flats welcomed motivational speaker and SLPS Deputy Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Prince of the Speakers Bureau.  Dr. Prince was introduced by Dr. Donna Mills who began the Speakers Bureau four years ago.  Dr. Prince has a passion for reaching students by sharing his real life story and impressing upon them that all decisions you make in life does have an everlasting impact upon your life.

Dr. Prince shared some real life struggles from elementary school on up thru high school.  He admitted that he did not always make good choices along the way but always had people in his life to encourage him.  Dr. Prince spoke about a particular teacher who had an everlasting impact upon his life that began when this teacher taught him the game of chess!  Furthering your education wasn’t something that was stressed in Dr. Prince’s younger life, but he explained to the students that this did not determine his outcome.



As Dr. Prince continued to share, he really caught the student’s attention when he spoke about how he made the decision not to help a friend, whom he had come to know, when that friend was being mistreated by his other friends.  He explained that the thoughts of this decision has followed him up until this very day and he will forever remember the look in his friends eyes when he chose to just keep riding by on his bicycle and not lending a helping hand.  This is one of the reasons that Dr. Prince has such a great outreach and dedication to education.

Once Dr. Prince began to see the big picture in his life, there was no stopping him!  He is the only one in his immediate family who has reached educational milestones!  Dr. Prince encouraged the students and reminded them that the decisions you make today can have an everlasting impact on your life in many ways and you can accomplish what you want to with determination, effort, and belief in yourself!