10 Tips for Good Attendance

10 Tips for Good Attendance

1. Get your child to school on time, every day, and make sure homework assignments are completed on time.
2. Absences due to car trouble, an unverified late bus, and bad weather are considered Unexcused and will go on your child’s permanent record.
3. Extended vacations, long weekends, and frequent doctor appointments scheduled during school hours will cause your child to fall behind in class.
4. Being in school every day raises your child’s chances for scoring well on important tests throughout the year.
5. Follow the proper school guidelines for reporting Excused absences in a timely manner.
6. Allow your child to stay home only when he/she has a contagious illness or is too sick to be comfortable.
7. Make sure your child exercises, eats a balanced diet, and gets plenty of sleep. This will help him/her to be mentally and physically ready to learn, and strengthen the immune system.
8. Read all information sent home by the school. Post important dates on a family bulletin board or on the refrigerator.
9. Give your child enough time to get ready for school in the morning. Prepare lunches, pack school bags, and lay out clothing the night before.
10. Monitor your child’s attendance.
Resources are available to help with parenting skills, communicating with your child, and encouraging him/her to take school seriously. Contact your school principal or counselor for helpful information.
Spread the Love of Literacy

Spread the Love of Literacy

Spread the love of literacy!

Join the St. Lucie County Reading Council and invite others to join with you.


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Ilyse Brainin

President, St. Lucie County Reading Council


Sanchez Set To Ring Closing Wall Street Bell As Recognized Business Leader

Sanchez Set To Ring Closing Wall Street Bell As Recognized Business Leader

Dr. Rafael Sanchez, Executive Director of Human Resources for St. Lucie Public Schools, looks forward to ringing the closing bell for NASDAQ in New York City on October 25.  This opportunity that many on Wall Street clamor for is a result of his distinguished recognition and receipt of the Capella University Business Leaders Award. Recipients of this leadership honor are stand-outs among their peers as demonstrated by their ambition, academic excellence, and comprehensive understanding of the current business environment.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and my family is looking forward to celebrating this achievement with me,” said Sanchez.  In addition to participating in the closing bell ceremony of the NASDAQ, Sanchez will be granted an insider’s tour of The Wall Street Journal and meet with Dow Jones Talent Development leaders.

Having recently completed his doctorate degree with Capella University, he used the application opportunity to share how the University’s doctorate program supports his workplace goals and aids his professional practices.  Superintendent E. Wayne Gent said, “Dr. Sanchez is a tremendous asset to the team we have built.  His insight and vision help us establish and maintain an exemplary workforce to deliver quality instruction in a safe and caring environment for our children.”