St. Lucie Soars Take-Off Ceremony

St. Lucie Soars Take-Off Ceremony

St. Lucie Public Schools (SLPS) recently hosted the St. Lucie Soars Take-off Ceremony — an event held at the Treasure Coast International Airport in a BEDE AERO Southeast hanger.  The event, supported by community leaders, served to kick-off the kindergarten through third grade early literacy initiative and highlight the importance of reading.

St. Lucie Soars is a SLPS literacy effort that includes a community initiative in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters to recruit volunteers and mentors to help close the gap on third grade literacy. The gift of reading opens the door to the world for students.  Consider becoming a volunteer for St. Lucie Soars, and you will be helping a child in become a proficient reader.


St. Lucie Public Schools Superintendent E. Wayne Gent


Fort Pierce Mayor Linda Hudson


Port St. Lucie Mayor Gregory Oravec


Dr. Judi Miller, Chief Executive Officer of Big Brothers Big Sisters, is presented with a $5,000 donation from

The St. Lucie Education Foundation by Thom Jones and Representative Larry Lee.


Mr. Jim Bede is presented with a certificate of appreciation for donating BEDE AERO Southeast air hanger for the event.

Celebrating Division Fluency at FPMSA

Celebrating Division Fluency at FPMSA

Those 5th grade students who displayed fluency with their 0-12 division facts were celebrated with an ice cream sundae party! Their hard work and effort was something to be commended. Parents shared in the fun and earned some sweet treats as well. Great job to all of those who earned this privilege!


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DCEC – Speakers Bureau

DCEC – Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau Special Guest at Dale Cassens Educational Complex was Mr. Octavius Robinson, a Teacher on Special Assignment (TSA) for St. Lucie County Public Schools.  Mr. Robinson told the students that DCEC was the first school he ever taught at when he became a teacher in 2007.  At the time he taught science and social studies and he was also the named the First Year Teacher of the Year at that school. In addition, Mrs. Harden, the students’ principal, was the principal who hired him at Dale Cassens.

However, Mr. Robinson acknowledged that, as a student, he was disruptive due to personal challenges and that although he made a lot of wrong decisions, he learned how to bounce back from those decisions.  He stressed to the students that we are in charge of our own destinies.  He told the audience, “The instructions that I follow, determine the future I shall have.” He shared the definition of a SMART Goal —  S=Sensible, M=Measurable, A=Attainable, R=Realistic, T=Timely.  He left the students with this message:  “Whatever you put your mind to, you can accomplish. Set your focus, set your mind.”


Speakers Bureau – PACE

Speakers Bureau – PACE

The students and staff at the Pace Center for Girls welcomed Mrs. Wydee’a Wilson, the Chief Probation Officer for Circuit 19, and radio host for the Pay It Forward show on 104.5 the Flame as a guest speaker in the Speakers Bureau series.  Mrs. Wilson used her presentation to educate, motivate, and empower.  She opened by delivering Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou.

Mrs. Wilson spoke a lot about her family life growing up in which she was 1 of 5 children. She, being the oldest, came from very humble beginnings. Early on she found herself being bullied often due to being so quiet and shy.  She observed a lot in her household growing up, and even though she was athletic and studious, she would often act out because of the dysfunction she witnessed. She recounted on her many experiences of growing up and shared a very personal, yet moving story.  Mrs. Wilson left the young ladies with some valuable advice: “Be truthful and real with who you are and what you’re experiencing.  Believe in something.  You’re unique and special. Fulfill your purpose and be a blessing to other people.” Mrs. Wilson believes success is about how you help and treat one another.


DMMS Speakers Bureau

DMMS Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau Special Guest at Dan McCarty Middle School was Joseph Dillard, a consultant, author, and motivational speaker. Mr. Dillard shared in depth his testimony, and a story of triumph, persistence, tenacity, and willingness. Questions he would ask himself when he was younger included: “How can I survive in a world that’s so cold and lonely?” and “Why me?”

He told the students that, “Life will be tough, challenging, and difficult. But there’s HOPE! Without an education, life becomes complicated; it’s up to you to ask questions. Your current circumstances do not define your accomplishments or ability to succeed.”

He also shared a quote by Muhammad Ali. “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” Mr. Dillard emphasized to students the need to understand that true success comes from within, and he also stressed that the choices students make will determine their success in life. Mr. Dillard posed a question to the students, “What are you doing to raise the bar?” You must be willing to fail at something, until you get it right, and he pointed out to the students throughout his presentation “I CAN, I WILL, I MUST!”

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