Centennial Senior Accepted by Cornell

Centennial Senior Accepted by Cornell

Prince Edouard, Vice-President of the National Honor Society at SLWCHS, has been accepted by Cornell University in New York. Cornell, a prestigious Ivy League university, has an excellent program in chemistry and chemical biology, which Prince has chosen for his major.

He plans to attend both medical and graduate school ultimately leading to a position as a research scientist with a pharmaceutical company.

SLW Centennial Medical Academy Students Learn Hands-Only CPR

SLW Centennial Medical Academy Students Learn Hands-Only CPR

Med Academy

More than 120 Health Science 1, 10th and 11th grade students at St. Lucie West Centennial High School learned Hands-Only CPR this week. These students were taught by Mary Higgins’ First Responder students.

First Responder classes are available to students who have completed the Allied Health Program as a senior elective. First Responder students prepare for careers in emergency medicine by becoming CPR certified as Health Care Professionals, completing web based classroom instruction and skills in advanced first aid techniques, followed by a shadowing opportunity at various St. Lucie County Fire stations. This “student-teaching-students” approach is innovative and one of the first of its kind in the state of Florida.

Students will walk away knowing how to recognize the need for CPR, how to call 911, and how to push hard and fast in the center of the chest to the beat of the classic disco song “Stayin’ Alive.” The American Heart Association’s Hands-Only CPR at this beat can more than double or triple a person’s chances of survival. This method has been shown to be as effective as conventional CPR for sudden cardiac arrest at home, at work or in public. Each student received an American Heart Association personal use CPR Anytime kit to take home and keep so that they can train additional family and friends in Hands-Only CPR. The American Heart Association expects hundreds more will be trained to save a life by the 10th and 11th grade participants.

This event is part of the American Heart Association’s Hands-Only CPR for Schools training program and is supported by an educational grant.

Northport Students Evaluate Scientific Data Using Science Detective Skills

Northport Students Evaluate Scientific Data Using Science Detective Skills

Northport is pleased to present our 2015-2016 middle grades Science Fair in the school media center. The Science Fair, under the direction of Dr. Laura Woodworth and a cadre of science instructors, are offering students an opportunity to stimulate out of the box problem solving. Students are encouraged and guided through the use of STEaM processes.
Students moved about the media center reviewing projects and using check sheets to ensure that displays presented required data and followed correct procedures. Students asked and answered a variety of questions such as, “Is there a real world problem being addressed?” “Is the hypothesis testable?” “Did the procedures test the hypothesis?” “Are the graphs correctly made for the data type and does the graph reflect the hypothesis?” and “What improvements could be made to the experiments and to the boards?”

The Northport Science Fair is an outstanding representation of scientific detective work and an invaluable look at scientific work that seeks to solve problems and benefit nature and society.

Dr. Woodworth states, “Science Fair requires creativity of thought and critical thinking skills as students relate their science education and scientific processes to try and solve real world problems.”

Excellent work to all who participated. Stellar!

Graduation Rates Continue to Climb in St. Lucie Public Schools

ST. LUCIE COUNTY — Graduation rates continue to climb in St. Lucie Public Schools (SLPS) with a reported 75.5 percent rate for the 2014-2015 academic year. According to the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE), SLPS realized a 2.3 percent increase from last year’s rate of 73.2 percent and an increase over the last six years of more than 10 percent.

Most impressive were the increases at Lincoln Park Academy (LPA) and St. Lucie West Centennial High School (SLWCHS) of 6 percent and 5.7 percent respectively. With LPA boasting a rate of 98.6 percent and SLWCHS touting 82.3 percent, both schools have catapulted well above the state’s average graduation rate of 77.8 percent. Fort Pierce Central High School (80.1 percent) and Treasure Coast High School (82.7 percent) are also both above the state average.

While Superintendent E. Wayne Gent commended both schools for their dramatic increases, he is adamant that graduation rates across the District must increase significantly. “Our students and our community deserve the delivery of a world class education system.” Upon assuming the role of superintendent this year, Gent proclaimed that increasing graduation rates was one of his biggest priorities. “St. Lucie Public Schools has made positive strides over the past years. I see this as an area where we must experience significant growth.” With systems in place to support accountability and monitoring of student progress, Gent is confident that greater and consistent growth will be experienced by all area high schools in the coming year.

The FLDOE has posted that Florida’s graduation rate is at a 12-year high. The data shows that the statewide graduation rate climbed to 77.8 percent, an increase of more than 18 percentage points since 2003-04 and 1.7 percentage points over last year.


School 2013-2014

Grad Rate


Grad Rate

Fort Pierce Central High School 83.5 percent 80.1 percent
Fort Pierce Westwood High School 67.1 percent 63.8 percent
Lincoln Park Academy 92.6 percent 98.6 percent
Mosaic Digital Academy 75 percent 69.6 percent
Port St. Lucie High School 74.0 percent 70.7 percent
St. Lucie West Centennial High School 76.6 percent 82.3 percent
Treasure Coast High School 80.1 percent 82.7 percent

About St. Lucie Public Schools                                                                                         

The mission of St. Lucie Public Schools is to ensure all students graduate from safe and caring schools equipped with the knowledge, skills and desire to succeed. For more information visit, www.stlucieschools.org or contact Kerry Padrick at kerry.padrick@stlucieschools.org.











STE@Minar Conference Turns Up the Heat for Teaching and Learning

STE@Minar Conference Turns Up the Heat for Teaching and Learning

This year’s STE@Minar Conference, hosted by St. Lucie Pubic Schools (SLPS) featured a spotlight on science, technology, the arts, engineering, and mathematics education. Strategies, resources, academic plans, and collaborative discussions were among the choices of talent development sessions offered at this event.

With quality instruction as a core priority for the school district, the STE@Minar Conference provided professional educators with opportunities to turn up the heat on teaching and learning. In the same way that a single degree change takes water from hot at 211 degrees to boiling at 212 degrees, the infusion of varied and engaging instructional practices can motivate learners, inspire inquiry, and catapult results for students.

According to Joseph St. Rose, an Algebra instructor, this conference has afforded the opportunity to work with other experts in the field and glean professional practices and resources to help his students advance in the rigorous curriculum.  “I am looking forward to connecting with my colleagues to continue our work together beyond the conference.”

“Advancements in STE@M education are critically important to preparing students for the world of work and for successful collegiate experiences,” said Allison Barajas, co-coordinator for the event.  “In the same way that we create positive momentum in education by working together collaboratively and sharing ideas, we work with our business partners to create a more innovative conference each year.”  She went on to express her appreciation for the support of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Indian River State College, Regional Center for Nuclear Education and Training (RCNET), Laser-tec, and Wal-mart.

Teri Barenborg, co-coordinator, added “We are also extremely appreciative of area science and math agencies and vendors who provided information and donated door prizes.”  She noted, “A boom to this year’s conference was the decision to move the event to Indian River State College’s Kight and Brown Centers.   This shift enabled our teachers to partner with IRSC professors in providing the latest information about STE@M topics in unique conference sessions.”