A Chance to Win at SGA

The PBIS team of Samuel S. Gaines Academy is striving to engage kids in positive behaviors. When students follow the “SGA Way” which is the school-wide expectations to Stay Safe, Give Respect and Act Responsibly, they earn “Colt Cash.” Colt Cash can be used for special events and “Chance to Win” drawings. The PBIS team sponsors monthly drawings for grade groups K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. Each group contains items donated by school personnel or community partners. Some of this month’s featured items are an ice cream social, play time in the SGA game room, extra recess time, teddy bears, art kits, sunglasses, gift cards, and more! If you are interested in becoming a community partner or donating items to support our cause, contact SGA today!
Bayshore Receives American Flag from Captain Matthew Shields

Bayshore Receives American Flag from Captain Matthew Shields

Bayshore Elementary School was presented with the American Flag by the family of Captain Matthew Shields.  For many years, Mrs. Debbie Gonzalez’s first grade class has sent letters and cards to Captain Matthew Shields and other members of his unit.  Captain Shields’ grandmother, Lauran Griffith (longtime Bayshore volunteer), presented a flag that was flown over Syria and Iraq in appreciation for the continuous support that the unit received.

PSLHS Color Guard honored Captain Shields’ family during a ceremony at Bayshore Elementary School.

Pictured (from left to right) is Kim Shields (mother of Captain Shields) PSLHS Color Guard,  Lauran Griffith and James Griffith (veteran and grandfather of Captain Shields).

Proclamation for Education Support Professionals Day

Proclamation for Education Support Professionals Day

WHEREAS, public schools are the backbone of our democracy, providing young people with the tools they need to maintain our nation’s precious values of freedom, civility and equality; and

WHEREAS, education support professionals are an integral part of the education process; and

WHEREAS, education support professionals work tirelessly to serve our children and communities with care and professionalism; and

WHEREAS, on a daily basis, our education support professionals take great pride in using their numerous skills which are rooted in human relations, communications, verbal presentations, technical knowledge, use of resources and positive personality traits; and

WHEREAS, the educational support professionals in our school district are to be commended for the professional manner in which they perform their duties; they put forth effort, individually and collectively, to assure that our educational system will continue to have prosperity and success;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the School Board of St. Lucie County, Florida, does hereby recognize and proclaim November 18, 2015, as National Education Support Professionals Day and urges all employees and the entire community to join in this observance by expressing grateful appreciation to the education support professionals for their commitment and dedication to the school system.



WHEREAS, the educational system within the United States of America and State of Florida is a vital part of society, providing education for young and old alike; and

WHEREAS, at the heart of the educational system are educators who are devoted to sharing their knowledge and experience with their students; and

WHEREAS, in St. Lucie County, there are many retired educators who have spent most of their lives giving of themselves to all children, having demonstrated an ability to meet new challenges with enthusiasm; and

WHEREAS, during their years of dedicated service, they have earned the admiration and respect of students, parents, friends and colleagues; and

WHEREAS, Rick Scott, Governor of the State of Florida, has designated November 15, 2015, as Retired Educators Day,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that The School Board of St. Lucie County, Florida, extends its appreciation and gratitude to these valued retired educators for their years of dedicated service and their contribution to the education of children; and be it further

RESOLVED that The School Board of St. Lucie County, Florida, joins Governor Rick Scott in extending greetings and best wishes to all observing November 15, 2015, as Retired Educators Day.

November STAR Awards

November STAR Awards

St. Lucie Public Schools honors its staff and volunteers with STAR Awards for exceptional customer service. This month, the following individuals were recognized:
Transportation: Carolyn O’Neal and Betty Proctor
Facilities and Maintenance: Estaquio Acevedo
Student Services: Gary George
Volunteer Services: Terrance Beauford
Thank you for your dedication and service to the students and families in our community.