School Related Employee of the Year Finalists 2014-2015

School Related Employee of the Year Finalists 2014-2015

Saint Lucie County Public Schools are fortunate to have a host of extraordinary employees who come to work each day with a passion and commitment to the students they serve and the community they call home.  Because of the sheer numbers of qualified candidates, selecting a nominee can be difficult.  Thus it is with pride that   Superintendent Genelle Yost and members of the Saint Lucie County School Board announce the 2014-2015 School Related Employee of the Year finalists.

Viola Bryant is Southern Oaks Middle School nominee.  Ms. Bryant has worked with the school district for over 33 years and has worn many hats in her career.  Not only does Viola perform her duties with dedication and efficiency but is never daunted by any task.  She takes every opportunity to further her education and is especially trained in child care development.  Viola works in the community to help homeless families find safe shelter and food to eat.  She makes home visits to parents and guardians providing information and encouragement so their children can reap the benefit of parents who have been given the tools needed to assist their own children in achieving academic success.

Simone Catrambone is the nominee from Lakewood Park Elementary.  She is a native of Brazil and made a life-changing decision to leave her small city near Rio De Janiero to immigrate to the United States.  She began her career in Saint Lucie County about ten years ago as an ESOL Paraprofessional.  She continued her efforts to become a fluent English reader and speaker.  Children who were also striving to speak, understand, and read English looked to her for help to achieve that same goal.  Teachers, too, took advantage of her bilingual abilities to enhance their instruction for students whose first language was not English.

Ms. Catrambone produced several school plays exclusively for ESOL students – “Readers’ Theater.”   Simone constructed the sets, made all the costumes, and directed the highly successful plays.  Recently she teamed with the Boys and Girls Club to present an evening play for parents and family members.

Alexandra Sanders represents Treasure Coast High School as their nominee and district finalist for 2014-2015.  Ms. Sanders has worn many hats in her career in Saint Lucie County.  She has been a substitute teacher, a clerk, and is currently the Registrar.  In that role, Alexandra welcomes new families to Treasure Coast High School every week.  Many families have been impressed with her warm welcome and willingness to discuss everything from class schedules to finding a local dry cleaner. Newcomers to the community often sing her praises to administration.  Alexandra also mentors students reinforcing the strong academic accomplishments and opportunities they can find at Treasure Coast High School.

In addition, Ms. Sanders works and meets with a group of young girls monthly a Ft. Pierce Westwood High School.  These girls are finding their way through very difficult life circumstances and have found a friend and guide in Alexandra.

Alexandra also serves on a number of committees at Calvary Chapel.  She spends countless hours giving back to members of her church family and for young ladies who need their voices to be heard.

Congratulations to all our School Related Employee of the Year finalists!  We are so very proud of you!!


High School Grades – Press Release

Today the FLDOE released high school graduation rates and high school grades. Five of the six SLPS high schools increased their graduation rates, with LPA experiencing a slight drop to 93%. The rates were as follows:

School 2014 Graduation Rate 2013 Graduation Rate Change
LPA 93 97 -4
FPC 83 81 +2
FPW 67 55 +12
PSL 74 69 +5
SLWC 77 76 +1
TCHS 80 74 +6

Superintendent Genelle Yost stated, ” The four year graduation rate is one of the true measures of high school performance, indeed district performance, and our substantial increases reflect the hard work of our students and our staff. While we know we will not be satisfied until the graduation rate is 100%, we have evidence to prove that we are moving in the right direction.”

In 2014 the FLDOE dramatically increased the points required to achieve an A or a B in the school grading calculation. State Education Commissioner Pam Stewart announced this morning that there was a 13% drop in the number of A rated schools state wide and a 5% drop in the number of B schools due to these changes.  Three St. Lucie high school grades were impacted by the change in the scales. The grades issued to St. Lucie Schools were as follows:

School 2014 Grade 2013 Grade Impacted by Change in Grading Scale 2014 Grade Had Scale Not Changed
Mosaic D F No D

Even though each of our schools showed measurable improvements in many tested areas, not all of the letter grades reflect that high performance.

  • Lincoln Park Academy continued its rich tradition of academic excellence earning 1316 points total, and another grade of A.
  • Fort Pierce Central and Treasure Coast each scored enough points to earn an A on last year’s scale, but under the new scale were assigned a B.
  • St. Lucie West Centennial was also impacted by the change in grading levels as it earned enough points for a B on last year’s scale, but on this year’s scale was awarded a C.
  • Mosaic, the district’s virtual school, increased one letter from 2013.

Yost added, ” It is unfortunate that the state changed the rules of the game again. Under last year’s scale half of our high schools would be A’s, but with the change, only one is. Our schools showed increases in almost every tested area, yet the single letter grade does not reflect that.”

All Children are Capable of Success at Dale Cassens!

All Children are Capable of Success at Dale Cassens!

Dale Cassens Educational Complex celebrated National Kids at Hope Day by creating a tunnel of hope made of various community members from Ft. Pierce and Port St. Lucie. These special caring adults cheered students on and held signs reading “You can Succeed,” as they as they arrived to school on November 25th. The students then participated in a Fall Festival which included “Minute to Win It” events and a giant blow-up obstacle course. Every child was able to acquire tickets throughout the day for drawings of prizes at the conclusion of the event.

An Evening of Connecting at Village Green Environmental Studies School

An Evening of Connecting at Village Green Environmental Studies School

To celebrate National Kids at Hope Day on Wednesday, November 12th, Village Green Environmental Studies School invited parents and students for a night of connecting. The event kicked off with our SAC meeting at 3:40.  We encouraged more parents to join our SAC so they can become even more involved with our school. Following the SAC meeting, dinner was provided for families with staff members serving pizza, salad, cookies and drinks.  Families also had the opportunity to shop at the Scholastic Book Fair that was held in our Media Center. After dinner, different break-out sessions were provided for parents, including one on Kids at Hope.  Child care was also provided so parents could focus and interact. Families, teachers, and community members enjoyed an evening of connecting!

Windmill Point Celebrates Aces for Kids at Hope Day

Windmill Point Celebrates Aces for Kids at Hope Day

During the week of December 1st-5th, Windmill Point celebrated ACES in our Lives”! ACES were honored by inviting these special people to have lunch with a student. As part of the Kids at Hope philosophy, Windmill Point believes that all children are successful when they have meaningful and sustainable relationships with adults.

A letter went home with students describing the four ACES that are typically found in children’s lives, as well as a schedule for each grade level. Lunch was brought in or purchased through the school cafeteria.