Northport Celebrates Transition to Middle School with Flair

Northport Celebrates Transition to Middle School with Flair

Northport K-8 School celebrated students, parents and teachers with a wonderful Fifth Grade Moving Up ceremony recently in the school gymnasium. The gym was packed with cheering parents, grandparents and friends as the students listened to principal, Glenn Rustay give words of advice for becoming successful students in the middle grades. Children’s Services Council Communications Director, Ashley Mock was the keynote speaker with more pearls of wisdom on success and becoming a great student. Ms. Mock is a graduate of University of South Florida. Northport was so pleased to host Ms. Mock. The school has a strong partnership with the Children’s Services Council. Music was provided by the Northport Symphonic Band under the direction of Brian Hoce. Pictured is fifth grade student from Tracey Healy’s class, Clovis Wilson holding a special award for “Most Improved!” When asked how he was selected to be the recipient of this honor, Clovis stated, “Last year, I had eight referrals, this year, Mrs. Healy tamed me and got me to learn!” Clovis’s quote speaks volumes for all the fifth graders that in order to become successful you need to become part of the learning community and do your very best!

School District Recognized as Energy Efficiency Leader

School District Recognized as Energy Efficiency Leader

At the May 13th School Board Meeting, Trane presented the St. Lucie County School Board with the “Energy Efficiency Leader Award” in recognition of the District’s commitment to energy and operational efficiency and sustainability.

The District has been aggressive in reducing energy costs; electric utility cost has been reduced by almost 40% in 4 years. Previously ranked 60th out of the 67 Florida school districts for electrical expenses per student, the District has reduced its ranking to 18th in the 2012-2013 school year.

The District reduced annual utility costs from over $12 million to less than $7 million.

Pictured from left to right are, Genelle Yost (Superintendent), Fernando Lagomasino (District Manager over Florida for Trane), Marty Sanders (Executive Director SLCSB), Sean Murray (Energy Manager SLCSB), Chris Cowling (Trane), James DeSousa (Trane), Mark Johnson (Calmac), Amir Kazeminia (OCI Engineering), Vera Stoller (Trane Marketing Florida), John Gillette (Senior Project Manager SLCSB), Debbie Hawley (School Board Chairman).

Floresta Students Participate in Annual Field Day

Floresta Students Participate in Annual Field Day

It’s that time of year again! Field day at Floresta Elementary kicked off on Monday, May 12, 2014. Students from all grades participated in a half-day of friendly, yet challenging competitions. The fourth grade students participated in eight events consisting of baton-relay racing, scooter relays, basketball-dribbling relays, paired beach ball relay, sponge relay, tug-of-war, and 50-yard dash. The competition was friendly and hard fought with Mrs. Diaz edging out Mrs. Clarke, Ms. Pagliughi, and Mrs. Burkett. Many parents were in attendance to support their child’s class and to celebrate good sportsmanship. Our very thoughtful and supportive Floresta Elementary PTO provided a variety of icy cold refreshments.

Similar field days were held for other grade levels. The grade level champions were:

1st grade – Miss Browning’s class

2nd grade – Mrs. Gray’s class

3rd grade – Mrs. Moore

4th grade – Mrs. Diaz

5th grade – Mr. Lehman


Written by Sandy Pagliughi and Suzanne Diaz

Photo courtesy of Mrs. Gilooly

Administrative Assignments for FY2015

PRESS RELEASE: Administrative Assignments for FY2015

Superintendent Genelle Zoratti Yost is pleased to announce administrative changes occurring with St. Lucie Public Schools for the 2014-15 school year.

Mrs. Felicia Nixon is being promoted to the position of principal at Dan McCarty Middle School. Mrs. Nixon is currently the principal at C.A.Moore Elementary School (2011-Present) where she has facilitated an improvement in student performance. Most notably, she is celebrated for her expertise in literacy.

Dr. David Washington, current principal at Dan McCarty Middle School, is assigned to the position of Director of Recruitment/Retention. Beginning his career in 1983, Dr. Washington has filled many roles in St. Lucie County and is an advocate for students and educators alike.

Mrs. Pam Holmes, current Assistant Principal at C.A.Moore Elementary School, will move into the principalship at this site. Mrs. Holmes has vast experience as a leader in St. Lucie where she has served the District as a teacher and an administrator since 1991.

Mrs. Cynthia Cobb, Principal at Rivers Edge Elementary, is retiring after 35 years of service to St. Lucie. Mrs. Kerry Walukiewcz is being named Principal at Rivers Edge Elementary School. Mrs. Walukiewcz began her teaching career in St. Lucie County in 1995 and has served as teacher in a variety of locations. In recognition of her teaching excellence, she was named the State of Florida’s Teacher of the Year in 2005. Additionally, she holds credentials of a National Board Certified Teacher. She has been serving as the Assistant Principal of Oak Hammock K-8 School since 2010.

We congratulate the newly appointed principals and look forward to a productive year ahead.